How Random Are You?

So many random people out there, so few know it. Some people think that being random is annoying, some people think its fun. Heck some people think it's sexy. But have you ever thought for a second "Am I Random?". If you've been wondering "Was that off topic?" a lot lately then we have the quiz for you!

Are you Random? If you are there's a prize at the end for you! Ha just kiddin ppls how would I give you a prize through the internet? ... Hmmm... But yeah I think I'm gonna go get something to eat after this quiz... How about you? You want a toaster strudel? I love toaster strudels but I don't know how to spell it... Was that off topic?

Created by: Tyler
  1. When talking to your friends do you often change the subject to something irrelevant?
  2. When you wake up on a weekend morning, what is the first thing you think about?
  3. During conversations with your friends, do they usually look at you with that "what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-you?" kinda stare?
  4. Does your mind wonder off sometimes during conversation? For example, If your talking about global warming and it just pops into your head what happened on the last episode of your favorite show?
  5. Do you like eggs?
  6. How did you find this quiz?
  7. Out of these shows which is your favorite?
  8. Do people call you random?
  9. What are you doing besides taking this quiz?
  10. Do you consider yourself fun to be around?
  11. Are you anxious to get your results?

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Quiz topic: How Random am I?