Do you know your random facts? Part II

It is said that there are three Rs that people should focus on in their education: reading, writing and arithmetic. But I'm going to introduce a new "R": Random. There are a lot of random facts out there, and some people know more than others.

Do you want to know how smart you are when it comes to random facts? Are you a random fact knowing king, or a random fact un-knowing peasant? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Alicksandur
  1. During the introduction of the show "Spongebob Squarepants", we see a painting of a pirate that is talking. Those lips belong to who in real life?
  2. What is a muon?
  3. When was the term "no dice" first popularly used?
  4. "Hard water" is a term used to describe what?
  5. From what Norman French word does the English word "car" come from?
  6. Who patented the tape measure?
  7. In what year was the Golden Gate Bridge finished?
  8. What is the easternmost point of the United States?
  9. Approximately how many miles of railroad track are there in the United States?
  10. Approximately what is the boiling point of mercury?
  11. The majority of pencils are made from what type of wood?
  12. What is the thin, paper-like shell located on the outside of peanuts known as?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my random facts? Part II