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  • "ha ha ha i am flubby, when i was like ten i was really upset about it but now i don't care that much i'm like huge and the other day i…"

  • "i a fatty 100% i know it bad. my big ol' tummy is in the way as i type this! i eat alot but i couldn't care less."

  • "wow why am i always so fat? geez. i guess i am. i got a big tummy"

  • "13 percent, i'm really fat! haha i knew that. i need help obviously, i'm so overweight and only a kid. i still like macky dees tho."

  • "yeahhh i'm like 239 pounds and only 13 and 4 foot eleven. it's only cuz everything goes to my gut i have a 37 in. waist."