are you fat or skinny

This Quiz is important to see that you are a wonderful person inside and out. you might think that you are fat but you are not! you might think you are to skinny but your not! so think about that during the Quiz and you will like it!

do you think that you are skinny well you probley are but som,e people think that they are to fat and they get sick and sometimes they dye so I dont what people to dye! I hope you enjoy this quiz and I hope you are a perfect shape!

Created by: jennypaddock

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you inlove with candy bars?
  2. do you think your skinny?
  3. what do you eat for breckfast?
  4. are you lazy or active?
  5. is it warm wear you live?
  6. do you like to stick your finger down your thout to throw up?
  7. do you like to camp in the summer?
  8. what do you think of yourself?
  9. Do you get bored of eating?
  10. Am I fat?
  11. do you like the back street boys?
  12. true or false are there celebs that work out?

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Quiz topic: Am I fat or skinny