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  • Are you truly Greg?
    [published: Feb 21, 2020]

    What is Greg, exactly? Greg is the number one, fastest growing army on the Internet (do NOT look that up).…

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  • "Ok this may or may not be immature or whatnot but uhh I’m new. I just wanna get to know about y’all. Just say your name/nickname/whatever I "
  • so...
    "I just made a quiz :D. If you know Danny Gonzalez, try it! If you don’t know him, still try it ."
  • so...
    "this place is mad inactive. one forum hasn’t been active in 30 days! but I’ll just wait for someone.. this could be better than social media"
  • so...
    "So uh. My friend used to be on this website a lot and I’ve decided to see for myself. It’s like a weird mix between 2015 and now. It’s..,nic"

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