Are you truly Greg?

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What is Greg, exactly? Greg is the number one, fastest growing army on the Internet (do NOT look that up). This is a quiz on our leader, Danny Gonzalez.

If you get a high score, congrats. We are proud of you. If you get a lower score, we would say you should get to know Danny by watching some of his videos and all that. Now, good luck!

Created by: allyld
  1. What is Danny’s birthday?
  2. What is Danny’s wife’s name?
  3. Which is NOT a song that Danny made?
  4. Which is NOT something Danny sells?
  5. Which is a line from one of Danny’s songs?
  6. Which celebrity did Danny think was “okay” on his TikTok celebrities video?
  7. Which game did Danny mention in his Badads series?
  8. Who did Danny go on tour with?
  9. What did Danny name his fake “cousin” on Instagram?
  10. Last but not least, which is a movie that Danny talked about?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly Greg?