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  • "Lol the problem with adultery is that most of us has broken it, because God further explained it and told us that even if we have a dirty th..."
  • Christianity
    "to alex: lol they are the dead, or lukewarm christians. they follow the letter of the law, but do they really truly love god? not ver"
  • Christianity
    "dang gtg i probably wont be on for a while, we'll see... my dads anti computer, video games, but since its so hot out he mig"
  • Christianity
    "Lol rapid regeneration, as in instantly after we prayed for him? Sorry, but even science says there aint no coinkidinks (coincidences). ..."
  • Christianity
    "I failed to explain about the mans intestines, they fell apart due to several failed attempts at surgery. For the person drowning, I "
  • "Thank you! Another thing I dislike is the whole "God Hates Fags" campaign. REALLY PEOPLE? They contradict themselves, saying their christian..."
  • "Dude, the reason it's like that, is when Adam and Eve at the Fruit, He placed something like a "curse" over them. Part of Eve's was that man..."
  • "Lol, they say they're christian, but they teach that god does hate. WAY TO FAIL!"
  • "Guys, chill!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!! You guys say that no one respects Gays, but then you diss straight opinions too! I personally agree wit..."
  • Christianity
    "Sorry, got too long there. I choose my God because from a spiritual standpoint, he seems the best. Allah, can do anything, even sin, "
  • Christianity
    "First, I was raised as a Christian, so I had somewhat of a foundation. Then I began to fall away, do my own thing, but then I almost died. L..."
  • What is your religion
    "Sorry, guys I kind of lost my temper, and I would like to apologise. I believe that Jesus died for us, and to be saved you have to accept th..."
  • Christianity
    "Actually, though, I think I kinda lost it back in the explain your religion section. I got angry with Greatest I am... I didn't mean to offe..."
  • Christianity
    "Yup. I believe that if you're really a Christian, you should be slow to anger. Besides, the bible does say a harsh word stirs up wrath, but ..."
  • What is your religion
    "To the Greatest I am, I disagree strongly with what you said to Anastasia. It is you who have turned God into an Earthly concept, an"

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