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Thread Topic: Christianity

  • Okay, here goes... Christianity is like this: Jesus's grace is like a present (he died for us to cleanse us of our sins.) The only way to get it though is if you open it(by accepting him as your savior), but if you don't accept it, then how can you have it? Your friend can wrap up a new phone for you, but if you don't open it, then how can you say you have a new phone? Another thing people ask is "If Gods so fair, and just, then why does he make any nonbeliever go to hell to be tortured?" Well, when Jesus died, all the sin of the world was put upon his shoulders, and he died with it, and rose again while leaving it buried. The reason that we had to give sacrifices and the reason he died for us is because God is perfect, so no sin can be in his sight, so if we accept Jesus's perfection, then our sin is washed, but if not, you're still sinful. If you were the greatest, most perfect being that ever lived, would you want some rotten little person walking all over your house and getting it filthy? No! The main point here is that God loves us, and wants to have a relationship with us. Even if He tests us and gives us a lot of hardship, that doen't mean he hates us. If something bad happens, or something bad happens to you after you've done something, it doesn't mean that he loves you any less. It just means that he is rebuking you, so you don't keep sinning anymore. (Final comment: these are my beliefs, and I'm NOT FORCING THESE UPON YOU. I have my opinion, you have yours. I can respect your limits if you respect mine. )
  • Hey guys, something I forgot: It's against my relationship to have a religion. What I mean by that is that true Christianity is a personal relationship with God, and true Christians aren't superficial, meaning that they follow the Bible, but take it to a personal level that is in the heart, and not the skin.
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    DaughterOfApollo Experienced
    I'm Catholic but I have an open mind. So I believe that whatever you believe in, will happen to you. Like say if you believe in the Greek or Roman gods, then you will go to the underworld where Hades/Pluto is and the Hall of Judgement will decide where you belong. Or if you are an atheist, then nothing will happen to you when you die, you will just be dead. Or if you believe in reincarnation, then you will be reincartated into someone else, or an animal, or a plant.
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    In all fairness, this is what I took away from this thread.

    God has invited us all to go hang out at his place. But you can't accept the invitation if you don't open the letter. (DUH) Problem is, is that God doesn't want our smutty selves smudging up his pretty white kingdom, so he sent his son to go collect all of our shoes and leave them at the door.
  • nailed it. only its a bit deeper. and more detailed. btw i stink at explaining things, and i cant really explain god till im dead and in heaven.
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    You seem fairly calm and non-psychotic, could we have a civilized conversation over theism?
  • Yup. I believe that if you're really a Christian, you should be slow to anger. Besides, the bible does say a harsh word stirs up wrath, but a soft word turns away anger. More or less.
  • Actually, though, I think I kinda lost it back in the explain your religion section. I got angry with Greatest I am... I didn't mean to offend him or disrespect his beliefs, but I think I might have.
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    Eh, he deserved it.

    And to start off our conversation, why do you choose the theistic God you have? There are countless hundreds of others who are just as believable as yours? And some who have better heavens than the one your God promises?
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    (If I don't respond right away, I'm eating dinner.)
  • First, I was raised as a Christian, so I had somewhat of a foundation. Then I began to fall away, do my own thing, but then I almost died. Let me tell you, nothing puts life in perspective more when you're begging God to let you live as the world starts to fade to black... (not exaggerating there) Then I witnessed two miracles:
    1. On Easter Sunday, my youth group went to see a guy who had been shot in the gut with a stun gun, and his intestines had been litterally torn to shreds. That night, he totally healed, and I just can't explain it, other than God.
    2. One of the coolest guys I know died. When they pulled him out of the river (he had fallen over a waterfall 5 minutes before and was trapped)he wasnt breathing, eyes were open, skin was purple... they tried CPR on him,even though no one knew how, and by the time the MercyFlight (hospital helicopter) reached him, he was fine, no water or anything in his lungs.
  • Sorry, got too long there.
    I choose my God because from a spiritual standpoint, he seems the best. Allah, can do anything, even sin, some gods arent all knowing, but God is perfect and knows everything about me, but still chooses to love me and want a relationship with me. I can't really explain the heaven part, but I don't think that I can really choose a god just because they give you a better reward, it just seems petty.
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    I have almost died myself. I drowned in a lake. As I sat at the bottom, i could look up and see clouds. I had lost so much oxygen to my brain that one of the clouds looked like a purple dragon to me. (true story)
    The mans intestines physically could not shred do to a stun gun. Electrical charges do not have the same effect as a blender. If they were torn or fried do to muscle convulsions, the body can rarely enter a sleep state called hyper regeneration. Adrenaline from the pain mixed with the healing proteins our body naturally produces during sleep causes a rapid rebuild at the cost of a lot of nutrients and energy.
    As for the person drowning, I fail to see the miracle there. The brain is still active for around a half hour after the rest of the body shuts down. Revival, while rare, can happen.

    I choose science over theism because from a logical standpoint, it is the only one that makes sense. Science can be viewed and proven on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that every religious viewpoint can be laid out historically and backtracked to how and when it was invented by man. If that doesn't raise a red flag, I don't know what will.
  • I failed to explain about the mans intestines, they fell apart due to several failed attempts at surgery.
    For the person drowning, I can agree with you, but reviving and recovering within 5-10 minutes doesn't otherwise seem likely...
    Science has found out that human origin can be traced to the middle east, near Israel. Also, logically, how could several men tell about the birth of jesus thousands of years before he was born, and how could hundreds of men write a book over thousands of years, without redundance or error and be proved by archaeological finds, without some sort of guidance from god?
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    ^I'm just going to jump in for a second

    I'm CPR Certified, while it doesn't seem likely, it happens and isn't impossible. There are people who keep going at it for hours and people still revive (not just drownings, but heart attacks, etc.)

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