What is your religion

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Thread Topic: What is your religion

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    ange Novice
    I'm a Christian! :)
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    6 6 sick Senior
    I'm not a religous person.
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    I don't believe in anything, but I do believe that helping others is a nice and caring thing to do.
  • DncrGrl16 Newbie
    Christian! (Baptist)
  • Silvereight Newbie
    i don't do religion. i dont believe in any gods but im not an atheist because i believe in paranormal sort of things.
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    I don't know what my religion is, to be honest. I go to church, and I pray, appreciate the sacraments and all of that. But I don't know if I truly BELIEVE in the Christian idea. I definitely believe in a deity of some sort (if you will, does it even count as a deity? Judge for yourself) but am unsure about the strict belief of Christianity, so I don't call myself a Christian as much as I used to, now that I've given it thought.

    Anyway, to me there is an afterlife, and it rewards those who were honorable in life. (Yes, kind of like a Klingon.)
    Death is not something to be feared, but celebrated. Do not grieve, but appreciate their existence, and joyfully acknowledge their entry into a new place. (Kind of like the next level on a video game, if you will.)

    This isn't to say just brush it off and treat life like a thing that can be replaced and cloned; however, to treat death as a part of life.

    Even if there is not an afterlife, why should I fear death? It comes to everyone. And should you never see anything again, you won't know it when it happens.

    As for the previously mentioned deity...I view it as kind of a power that is in everything, yet at the same time I see an almost personified "Engineer" behind the works, like how you don't (usually) see engineers that worked on the project, but the project is definitely there. (Yet we don't debate and try to prove the existence of engineers.)

    I believe everyone, humans, animals, and aliens (if they exist), has a spirit. Other living things do too, just in a different way (as in not the way you would traditionally view a "soul").
    My equivalent of "Heaven" is a place where you go if you are not going to be reincarnated and you are not dishonored. It's basically a similar environment, but indestructible and where there is unity with that power that is in everything.
    My equivalent of "Hell" is basically a void. Except for there are evil beasts that guard it. And the dishonored go here, if they are not given a chance to make up for it.
    This brings us the question, what do you mean by dishonored? Well, I sound like a moron taking my religious beliefs from Star Trek, and I did not take it from Star Trek, but the Klingons' belief as to what honor is is the closest to what I believe.
    I believe in reincarnation.
    There's a lot more, but this post is getting TL;DR and I'm going on a tangent anyway.
  • KhalifaFan Newbie
    Apostolic Christian (:
  • Skyler Potter Novice
    Mormon. I believe in God the Eternal Father, and in his son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.
  • To the Greatest I am,
    I disagree strongly with what you said to Anastasia. It is you who have turned God into an Earthly concept, and you try to fit him into the little cracks in your life. With no disrespect to you or your beliefs, I think that what you are saying is somewhat redundant. You say an insane God would sacrifice his son, but would you rather he wiped out billions and billions of people just because they dont do what he wanted? You say that he murdered his son, but you seem to prefer that he had murdered all humanity. You sound certain of yourself for an agnostic. You say christianity is an immoral religion, but at least we stand for something. The reason God sent His Son was to "demonstrate his love for us." He sent him so we could have proof of his love, not just a book that says things. You call Christians brainwashed, but it is you who is brainwashed by the immoral, filthy world. A pity.
  • Sorry, guys I kind of lost my temper, and I would like to apologise. I believe that Jesus died for us, and to be saved you have to accept that gift. I think that when we read the bible, we take it literally, and use the words, not the meaning. Like Greates I am said, we read the bible everynight, but I think that we're reading the white, not the black.
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    Wow, so many different religions.
  • sms Newbie
    Gnostic Christian
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    UnLoving Experienced
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    Agnostic Athiest
  • sms Newbie
    GNOSTIC Christian

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