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Thread Topic: What is your religion

  • Greatest I am Newbie


    Do you not think that it is good for people to correct those unfortunates who are more concerned with the afterlife than with good morals who follow a genocidal son murdering God?

    Your bible says it is good to do so yet you do not it seems.

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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    I'm not indoctrinated. I can't give you a good response right now because I'm feeling incredibly sick, but just know that I am not someone to believe so easily. You don't know me, Greatest I am, so don't you ever make an assumption about me until you do.
  • LetsParty Newbie
    I am a Christian (more specificaly Church of Christ) and I am not going to change my belief.
  • Greatest I am Newbie

    I always assume that those whose theology relies on fantasy, miracles and magic are too lost to imagination to develop a decent morality.

    Consider what a God would think of people ready to profit from his murder of his own son.

    There is more to the idea of God and I believe in a Godhead but religion must be a search for the best morals and your trying to profit from murder is immoral to the max.

    Seek God but one that makes sense. He is there.

  • Greatest I am Newbie
    L P

    Can't stop trying to profit from an innocent man's murder eh.

    Good moral position that. Not.

    You are aware are you not that your bible says that you are responsible for your own sins and that God will not accept the bribe you think he accepted. Right?

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    madid Experienced

    I said I was an atheist. I don't have a bible to follow. Try using punctuation other than periods sometime.

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    xforgetXmex Junior
    I'm atheist, i don't believe in god.
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    Roman Catholic :D
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    cuteyjackie Newbie

    you believe jesus died on the cross for your sins
  • Greatest I am Newbie
    It was God's plan from the beginning to have Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit. This can be demonstrated by the fact that the bible says that Jesus "was crucified from the foundations of the Earth," that is to say, God planned to crucify Jesus as atonement for sin before he even created human beings or God damned sin.

    If God had not intended humans to sin from the beginning, why did he build into the Creation this "solution" for sin? Why create a solution for a problem you do not anticipate?

    God knew that the moment he said "don't eat from that tree," the die was cast. The eating was inevitable. Eve was merely following the plan.

    This then begs the question.

    What kind of God would plan and execute the murder of his own son when there was absolutely no need to?

    Only an insane God. Thats who.

    The cornerstone of Christianity is human sacrifice, thus showing its immorality.

    One of Christianity's highest form of immorality is what they have done to women.
    They have denied them equality and subjugated them to men.

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    Phoenix Night Junior
    Open atheist.
    I'm willing to explore some religions....but doubt that there is a god like the one described by the Jewish, Christian, Catholic, and any other monotheistic religions.
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    @ Greatest I Am

    Really, no one wants to read that huge paragraph. So just simply say a sentence or two on your opinion. Reader's Digest version please.
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    Sage Parson Novice
    None! ;)

    Religions keep you from living your life the way you want to live it.

    Plus, Jesus is probably in heaven right now going: WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?! THIS ISN'T THE WAY IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE!!"
  • dw1996 Newbie
    I don't accept labels. I'm not an atheist, and I'm not an agnostic because that would mean I'm on the fence about God or religion, which I'm not. I think religion is completely f---ing retarded and that there is absolutely no way of knowing if God is real. And I don't accept the crap about "just believing" or whatever. I despise the people who say they believe in God because it's a "safe bet". Grow a pair and f---ing take a stand!
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    Um, dw... agnosticism isn't a religious standpoint. It's been dubbed one, but in the actual latin roots, it's not. Agnosticism means without certainty. For example; I am an agnostic atheist. I am not 100% certain that there is no god, but logic and reasoning has never suggested that there is, so I do not believe.

    That does not mean I'm taking the "Safe bet" or that I am certain of my self. It simply means that I am compelled to disregard and unsupported theory. And I can take a stand on this point. I can prove my point and compel people with factual information and logical thinking. And through explaining and informing others, I am taking a stand.

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