Powerful Love part 3

So here it is part 3. I am bored. I hate this two paragraph thing. It is so pointless. Blah blah blah. I am bored. Blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.

Why are you reading thus anyway? Take the quiz, for crying out loud! Why'd you click on this anyway? Do parts one and two first if you just chose this randomly.

Created by: wolfgrl45

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  1. ... Four dinosaurs! One was a huge long necked beast, one was long with small fins swimming in a pool, one as a winged pterosaur, and one was a pterosaur that was glowing.
  2. "Are those who I think they are?" I asked. "Yup," said Monique. "The Kongamato, Mokele Mbembe, Nessie, and Ropen." "And you just have them here?" I asked. "They've been here ever since their peace was disrupted," said Tammi.
  3. "Cool," I said. "Very," said a voice. I turned around and for a split second I saw a boy with pale skin, dark shaggy hair, and dark eyes. Then he was gone.
  4. I began training. "First, shatter the cup," said Monique. "How?" I cried. "Imagine it shattering," said Tammi. I closed my eyes and concentrated hard. Suddenly the cup burst! I fell down, exhausted, but strong arms grabbed me. I turned around and saw the boy again! But again, he was gone.
  5. We flew back. It was getting dark. The rest of the group had eaten dinner. After Tammi, Monique, and I ate, we went to our sleeping places. Tammi and Monique fell asleep immediately. I fell asleep after a little while. In my dream, I saw the mysterious boy. . .
  6. He gestured toward me and I walked to him. "Who ARE you?" I asked. "I am Mason the Dreamer," he said. "Do you exist?" I asked. "Yes. I am a sort of special Sky-Gift. I am immortal. My other wife has passed on. Will you join me? You will be immortal!" he cried. "Think! Think about it." he said. Then he was gone and I woke up feeling quite disoriented.
  7. Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!! Again!!
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