Pokemaniac Knowledge test, how Pokemaniac are you ?

How well did you know about the world of Pokemon ? Test your knowledge here, the question here are very tricky, if u can answer it without problem, you are a true pokemaniac!

Do you claim your self a Pokemaniac ? well see if thats true by tavking this test to prove your Knwoledge of pokemonworld and see if you can solve the question

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  1. What number are Pikachu in National Pokedex ?
  2. Wich one of these move cause Damage ?
  3. Wich Legendary Pokemon got beaten by Ash's Charizard
  4. What does "Teleport" do outside of battle
  5. The spearow that Ash hit by stone on first episode, is thet spearow ever evolve ?
  6. Wich one of these ash captured first ?
  7. Wich one of Ash's pokemon that not a wild pokemon when he captured it ?
  8. What Pokemon Giovani use to defeat Garry Oak ?
  9. Wich legendary Bird that never been caught on the 2nd Movie ?
  10. Who is "Sparky" ?
  11. Who is Ash's Cimchar Original Trainer ?
  12. What pokemon did Ash use to beat Brock's Onix ?
  13. How many day did Ash's Father take to arive at Viridian City ?
  14. What mysterious Flying Pokemon that Ash see on the first episode ?
  15. Wich one is "traveler of time"
  16. How many motto does Team Rocket has ?
  17. What pokemon that used by Battle Factory Brain to fight Ash ?
  18. Wich of these pokemon never seen talk on the anime series ?
  19. Wich one of these is the best to fight Magmar ?
  20. Wich one of these have 2 type ?

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Quiz topic: Pokemaniac Knowledge test, how Pokemaniac am I ?