Test Your Knowledge of Demons

"Every culture around the world believes in good and evil. I want to know how well you know your bad. So I have created this very short Demon test. It will test your knowledge on different demonic topics. I hope after this test you will see what changes you need or don't need to make in life."

"Do you know anything at all about Demons or Demonic subjects? You can say I don't talk about that stuff all you like. When in reality that is the real problem nobody wants to speak of it. So I'm going to speak of it and maybe people will start opening their eyes and mouths more about what they didn't befor."

Created by: Rayford Rowe

  1. What demon is the Prince of Trickery, Demon of Sodomy?
  2. According to the "Book of Enoch", who is the the fifth Satan?
  3. Who is the Prince of Pestilence?
  4. Adremelech is Chancellor and __________ of the demons?
  5. How many legions does the second order demon Buer command?
  6. Why does the Bearded Demon remain nameless?
  7. What demon stokes the furnace of Hell and is a second order demon?
  8. Who is the Ambassador from Hell to Russia?
  9. In Hebrew myth she is a succubus demon, who is she?
  10. Pazuzu is the Sumerian demon of the South-west wind that was known for bringing what three major desasters to the land and people?
  11. The alp is a demonic being which presses upon sleeping people so that they cannot utter a sound. These attacks are called Alpdrucke better known as ___________?
  12. Who has been linked to the devil and has been described as a 20-foot-tall figure covered with short hair, or as an unseen presence that causes uneasy feelings in people who climb the mountain summit cairn of Ben MacDhui, one of the six great peaks of the Scottish Cairngorm Mountains?

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