What Demon Are you?

Many people wonder about demons, some have personal demons like your friends, your family, people at your work, some have even claimed to see them, there are also demons in hell but what kind are you?

In just a few minutes, by answering just 12 questions, you can find out what kind of demon you are and you can post it for all your friends to see, try to be honest with it.

Created by: Will
  1. Someone gets hit by a bus, you:
  2. A homicidal maniac gets the chair
  3. The end of the world finally comes, you
  4. Kill one person without conviction
  5. Thoughts on hell
  6. you're driving on a highway, you
  7. A tire blows up in a dog's face, and flings it across the road
  8. You just saw the "two girls one cup video" you
  9. you need money for your lunch break and nobody wants to help you out, you
  10. What kind of demon do you think you are so far?

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Quiz topic: What Demon am I?