what demon are you?

there are many demons out there a lot but which kind are you find out when you take the what demon are you quiz and find your evil side within!also this quiz is sponserd by huggies the diapers that go places lol that was just somethin random lol

are you mean maybe evil?? this is the right quiz for you then! see which demon you are!! ty for takin my quiz DEMON so what donyt just stand there go out and kill stuff go go go before you shribble up and die lol

Created by: steven

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  1. if the devil wants to make a deal with you and you dont know its the devil to help one of your loved 1'ns would you make the deal?
  2. if you want to kill someone how would you do it?
  3. if you needed to get around how would you do it?
  4. if you or someone you care about had to be sacraficed which one would you choose?
  5. if you are a demon what are your jobs you'd be best at?
  6. if you are a demon what are you like?
  7. if you are a demon what enviornment would you your opinion like to live?
  8. if you were a demon what would be your weapon?
  9. what is your favorite symbol for the devil?
  10. what type of demon personality are you?

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Quiz topic: What demon am I?