what kind of demon are you

therer are many different people in the world. do you know where you belong??? this quize can tell you what kind of demon you are, so take my quiz...go on

everyone can fit in to a type of demon are you a angelic, rocker, or dark demon this quiz will give you the alltimite awnser take my quiz now...pleas i am only asking once

Created by: Alex
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you are in a crowd of people, someone trips you, you drop all of your belonings. everyone sees this and laughs. you...
  2. yor favorite color
  3. favorite interest
  4. favorite book
  5. holy water spills all over you, you...
  6. you see a nerd getting bulied, you...
  7. favorite animal
  8. what is your special ability
  9. what would be your weapon
  10. favorite food
  11. did you love my quiz

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Quiz topic: What kind of demon am I