Phasmophobia: Which Ghost Is Terrorizing Me?

Phasmophobia can be though especially if you're too scared to enter the house. That however won't be a problem anymore. With this quiz you never have to drive of ashamed ever again.

No more guessing. The quiz does all the guessing for you. No more blaming your friends. No more rage quitting. Just enter what you know and let the quiz generate an answer.

Created by: Not_a_banshee
  1. Describe your first encounter.
  2. Is it freezing?
  3. Any evidence?
  4. Any other evidence?
  5. How active is the ghost now?
  6. What is the ghost doing?
  7. Describe the ghosts evolution.
  8. Does any of the statements apply?
  9. When does he hunt?
  10. Did you see footsteps?
  11. Is the ghost active when more than one person is in the room?
  12. Is the ghost suspiciously active on the activity chart even when no one is in the house?
  13. Is your/ your teammates sanity suspicious?
  14. Did you manage to escape the ghost when you shouldn't have?
  15. How scared would a normal person be to go back in?
  16. How many of your team are dead?

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