Can u survive:Ghost spooks .by Cooling

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There are many daring people in this whole huge world , are you one of them?Take this quiz to see weather you can survive ghost spooks ! Take this quiz if you dare!

Do you have enough courage to survive ghost spooks, we must find it out in a few minutes ! Give your idea for the next tittle of can you survive part.

Created by: cooling
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  1. How would you avoid getting killed by the ghost?
  2. How much is your courage meter?
  3. From what are you scared the most
  4. Did you ever smack a bully?
  5. How would you react if you see a ghost?
  6. Now what would you do if it comes in front of you?
  7. If you could make a ghost a friend,would you do it?
  8. Can you fight a ghost for revenge?
  9. You have of a chance giving me a tittle idea for me.Write tittle for the next Can u survive part in the comment box.The best one will be chosen!
  10. If you were dared to tell Bloody Mary(a known ghost)in front of a mirror 3 times,would you do it?!
  11. Will you ever investigate about ghost possibilities in a dark room?

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