This is a test to test on how brave you are.Some people are brave,some are easily scared.But you might be different than both of them.Find out only in this quiz!

Are YOU a ghost hunter? Are YOU not afraid.In this quiz you have to say henast stuff about being in the haunted house! Are you up for this ghostly challenge?!

Created by: Holly
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  1. You and your friends decide to go and sleep at a haunted house, what do you say...
  2. You are now nearly asleep when suddenly there is a knock on the door you ope your eyes to find the door open.What do you do?
  3. No matter what you choose your friends still wake up.One of them suggests to go investigate. You go to investigate when you find a dead body on the stair case..You?
  4. You and your friend discover a secret room.There is only one bed on it,and on that bed there is a box,what's inside it?
  5. Are you scared yet?
  6. There is a clown standing in the hallway what do you think/say/do?
  7. Behind you!! Look now!! A CLOWN! did you look behind?(be honest)
  8. Your friend disappears just like that! What do you do?
  9. You go into a dark room and suddenly you see red eyes! You go thru a small door which leads you to a basement,you...
  10. Whilst you are searching for a way out a boy comes up to you. You smile when you see him because you know someone is with you. He comes up and says ''You die,I die,we all die bye bye' How do you react?

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