how brave are you?

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There are many people who say they are brave but... are they? TAKE THIS TEST TO FIND OUT!! But don't be afraid... Although I did bring a couple of... "guests"

What are you doing still reading this go and take my quiz unless your to afraid to see what it holds my beauties!! Just remember we don't bite... much.

Created by: creppypastaqueen

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  1. Ok... I invited some... "friends" to help me with this quiz I hope you like creepypastas!!
  2. Ok Jeff you ask the first question... Jeff:Ok, What is your weapon of choice?
  3. Ok now it's E.J.'s turn!! E.J.: ummm what do u think of killing??
  4. Ok slenderman's turn... Slenderman:What would you do if I did this *pushes against tree* SLENDY!!!!
  5. Ok now it's---- {CHICA}: Hi guys!!! Chica leave!!
  6. Ok now it's Ben's turn. Ben: What games do you play?
  7. Ok so it's smile dogs turn... Smile:Do you like animals??
  8. So from here on out I'll only ask questions
  9. What do you think of the quizzes picture?
  10. Ok say bye creepypastas it's time for dinner!! Creepypastas: BYE!! Jeff: I hope it's lasagna

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Quiz topic: How brave am I?