what is your ghost type

there are many ghost in the world but few demons and poltergeists. take this quiz to see what kind of spirit dwells in the walls of your home. heheheheh

do you really want to know what kind of spirit is in your home, if not then you should not take this quiz. do you have the guts? take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Rachel Green 158

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  1. Do you here loud banging noises at night?
  2. do your every see a dark shadowy figure in your hallway?
  3. do you every find objects not where you put them
  4. have you ever had your dog/cat act strange and stare at nothing?
  5. do you every feel like your being watched
  6. do you like this quiz so far
  7. if you could ask the ghost one question what would it be
  8. what would you name your spirit
  9. if the ring and the grudge ghost had a showdown who would you hop to win
  10. do you believe in ghosts

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Quiz topic: What is my ghost type