what are you in the world?

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This quiz was meant for entertainment only. Don't, i repeat, don't take this quiz seriously, its meant for entertainment purposes only. So, find out what type of ghost you will be when you die!

The most important reason you are taking this quiz, is because you are curious, aren't you? Well, enough talking, and reading, take the quiz, and find out what type of ghost you will be when you die!

Created by: aaron

  1. what do you think you are mostly like?
  2. hello
  3. 1,000,000 X 9 =
  4. when does Ben(10) find the Omnitrix?
  5. what is the correct spellng?
  6. sh** is brown
  7. my brother is annoying
  8. how many years until the year 2030
  9. 1+1=
  10. is this the last question? (yes I know it's obvious!)

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Quiz topic: What am I in the world?