Phantom-Designs is Life Quiz

Phantom-Designs is a wonderful forum about Graphics, web design and coding. dont take this quiz if u dont have a clue. Phantom-designs is a online community where people come to discuss graphics and and web design

Is PD a big part of your life? Come and take this quiz to find out! after taking this quiz come and visit phantom-designs for yourself to see how helpful it can be for web design and graphics!

Created by: Chris Tevyaw

  1. How Often Are You On Phantom-Designs?
  2. Are you interested in GFX Designs?
  3. Do you like discussing web design?
  4. Are you a nerd?
  5. Is Your Name Duveaux?
  6. What are you most interested in discussing?
  7. Do you "bite" other peoples GFX's?
  8. What is the url to phantom-designs and who created it?
  9. Who created this quiz?
  10. what was the first question i asked you?

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