One Direction love story part:3

There are many directioners, but only a few are TRULY directioners. I think that if you're a fan of One Direction, this love fantasy is JUST for you

SO MUCH MUCH DIRECTION DRAMA! THINK THAT YOU CAN SURVIVE? I know that you can. So take my quizzes and there's a new twist in my series. Stay tuned for part 4 keep the giggles

Created by: Princess Giggles

  1. Recap, look at part two
  2. You eat your cupcakes you baked. Omg its 8:00 pm " Crap, Liam iz gonna be here in an hour!" You decide to take a shower and put on
  3. *9:00 ding dong * " Dad im gonna go out and eat BYE!" You open the door, " Hey Princess, you look fantastic tonight! Ready? " Yeah, lemme just get my phone and house keys" you get your phone and keys from the desk beside the door and leave. You guys dont talk much on the way," Ok,we're here! " " Oh coo-" Liam is already behind you amd putting a blindfold over your eyes, " Its a surprise! " " Yea i can tell." You tell him.
  4. Five minutes later, he takes off the blindfold. " Ok Princess, we're here." You opened your eyes and there's a table with your favorite food.
  5. You sit down and eat when you hear a helicopter is flying over the building. " Um, Liam. Do you hear that?" You ask him as if hewas planning it for you. " Hear what, Love" " You seriously don't hear that? Its a freaking helicopte! " " Lets go check it out" " okay..." " HOLY CRAP ITS FOX NEWS TRYING TO SPY ON ME AND YOU!!!!!!!!!" He yells. " So do we run or something?!?" you ask him
  6. Okay now i need to ask a couple of things
  7. What's your favorite song by One Direction
  8. Whose your favorite member
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