Nothing But Ordinary part 2

This is part two of Nothing But Ordinary part 1. I hope you liked part 1. its finally starting to get exciting and it makes more sense now. This was really fun to make and I think I might make introduce a new character.

I thank Orange Fusion for having enthusiasm about this series and giving me a chance I hope you like this part. I might change my username because my password isn't working so i'll give you more info on that later. aadee, I'm sorry you don't like it and thanks for your feedback but if you don't like them then don't take them, no harsh feelings.

Created by: Kawaii_kitty14

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  1. Aiden lead me down the hall where Mrs. Weavers class was. I walked into the classroom and saw a chubby woman with flame red hair. She looked up from her magazine and squinted at me, "˜"˜Oh yes! You must be my new student whats your name again wait hold on don't tell me... _______! Am I correct?'' I nodded my head. "˜"˜And you must be Mrs. Weaver.'' "˜"˜I am many things with that being one of them.'' I laughed. she gave me a death stare. "˜"˜You may sit down.'' She said in a bitter voice. sheesh what was that about, and what did she mean by being many things? Whatever the thought faded and Aiden motioned me to sit next to him.I Slid into the desk next to him and Mrs. Weaver started her lesson. "˜"˜Today we will be put into groups of 4 or 5. The door opened and Chase came in with a tardy slip. Mr. Labrum what do you think your doing? "˜"˜Umm obviously not sluffing.'' Good enough take a seat next to _______.
  2. "˜"˜Oh great.'' you sighed he walked over with a huge grin on his face. Hey _______! now I know your name. "˜"˜And soon you're going to know where I live.'' I said sarcastically, "˜"˜Really you're going to give me your address?'' "˜"˜Only in your dreams.'' _______! Mr. Labrum! do I need to separate you two? "˜"˜No sir, I ment m-man, I ment ma'am.'' CHASE! do i need to send you to the principal? "˜"˜Nope.'' "˜"˜Then STOP talking and LISTEN!'' "˜"˜Ok.'' Get in groups of 4 or 5 and go over pages 367 - 369 also take notes.
  3. "˜"˜Hey Aiden do you want to be in me and _______'s group?'' "˜"˜Sure.'' Chase smiled we have three 1 more, hmm. a girl with shoulder length brunette hair and grey eyes walked over, "˜"˜Hey do you guys need another person?'' "˜"˜Yeah.'' I said smiling.This is my chance to make a friend I thought to myself. She sat down next to me, "˜"˜I'm Whitney'' Hi im _______. "˜"˜At lunch I'll show you around.'' "˜"˜Ok sounds fun.''
  4. An hour went by and the bell rang. "˜"˜This assignment is due tomorrow class, go to 2 hour.'' I looked at my schedule second hour is art. Whitney walked up to me. "˜"˜Whats your second hour?'' "˜"˜I have art, what do you have? She scrunched her nose. "˜"˜I have gym. "˜"˜That sucks I hate gym. '' "˜"˜So do I but, art class is further down the hall take a left and thats Mr. Saflee's room.'' "˜"˜Thanks Whitney bye''. I walked down the hall and took a left,I walked into class. "˜"˜Hello _______.'' "˜"˜Hi.''"˜"˜You can take a seat next to Ethan.'' He pointed to a seat next to mystery boy. I sat next to him and crossed my arms. "˜"˜Look I'm really sorry about what happened this morning, how can I make it up to you?'' "˜'I don't care Its fine.'' C'mon I can pick you up at 8:00 on Wednesday I scoffed, "˜"˜Do you always try to run girls over so you can get a date?'' He turned red, Its not really a date I..I just want to show you that I'm sorry..."˜"˜I'll have to ask my parents.'' He smiled "˜"˜I'm Ethan Hales·'' "˜"˜I'm _______ _______.'' "˜"˜Ok today class we will be sketching animals and wild life, the person sitting next to you will be your partner.''
  5. "˜"˜Draw an animal in its habitat. have your partner draw animals that are both seen in that terrain.'' Paper, paint, markers, pencils, and other supplies are in the cabinet.'' "˜"˜I'll go get paper and stuff.'' "˜"˜Ok can you grab some paint and brushes please?'' "˜"˜No problem.'' Ethan came back with the supplies and we got to work, we agreed on drawing a wolf pack chasing down an elk, There were six wolves in all. I took my pencil and drew the outline of the alpha wolf, Ethan drew the elk and the small trail of blood that trailed behind in the snow. I took black paint and lightly filled in the fur I took orange paint to fill in wolfs eyes Ethan painted a white wolf next to the black one, and filled in its eyes with an emerald green color we painted the rest grey and painted trees and slopes in the backround the sun was setting and the sky was pink
  6. I grinned "˜"˜It looks great! We did a good job.'' "˜"˜It looks good because we make a great team'' He smiled and I stared into his hazel eyes they were hypnotic. I looked away and blushed the bell rang and I headed to lunch. "˜"˜_______! Over here!'' I looked behind me and saw Whitney standing next to a guy with messy brown hair and blue eyes. "˜"˜This is Gavin, Gavin meet _______.''
  7. "˜"˜Hey.'' he said coolly "˜"˜Hi.'' "˜"˜Lunch is this way.'' she pointed towards a stampede of teens hustleing to get to lunch, "˜"˜But we can take the elevator.'' I followed her, taking a right to where the elevator waited. Gavin pushed the button, the door opened and standing there was Aiden. Hey _______ I just came up here to look for you, I thought you'd need help finding the cafeteria but Whitney beat me to it. he smiled and it made my stomach jump, he was so sweet and kind and considerate he made me smile. "˜"˜Thank you Aiden.'' "˜"˜For what?'' You've been so patient and helpful. "˜"˜No problem.'' Then he walked away.
  8. "˜"˜Aiden wait, where are you going?'' "˜"˜I'm hungry I'm going to lunch.'' "˜"˜Take the elevator with me, It'll be faster.''He smiled, "˜"˜No problem.'' I laughed, he's so nice he makes me smile. He makes me happy. "˜"˜You make me happy too,'' he whispered. I froze did I say that out loud?! I looked at him he was biting his lip and looking down. "˜"˜Aiden how did you know?'' Meet me at the park after school I'll explain everything. The elevator opened and Me and Whitney got in line for lunch while Gavin and Aiden walked off.
  9. I was scared, everything that I thought wasn't real might be reality. Im suppose to meet him at the park for answers, where is the park anyway? "˜"˜Whitney do you know where the park is?'' "˜"˜Yeah its a block away from here theres signs and stuff so its not too hard to find.'' "˜"˜Ok thanks.'' "˜"˜Anytime.'' I got my lunch and tried to find a table to sit at.
  10. "˜'_______!'' I searched for the voice that was calling my name.It was Chase, of course. I walked over to the table he was sitting at, it was full of jocks. "˜"˜What do you want?'' "˜"˜I want you to sit by me.'' I rolled my eyes. "˜'Okaaay but, only if your nice.'' "˜"˜Pshh I'm always nice.'' I set my tray down and ate my salad. "˜"˜Ooohhh so you're vegetarian right?'' "˜"˜Noo I just wanted salad.'' "˜"˜Oh my bad.'' The lunch bell rang and I dumped my tray. Crap Whitney wanted to show me around. Oh well we can tomorrow.
  11. All my classes went by fast and it was the end of the day. I went to my locker and got my stuff, I should probably tell my parents I'm going to the park, or else they'll have a panic attack and send every search and rescue team they could. I pulled out my phone and dialed my dads number. "˜"˜Hello. "˜"˜Hi I'm going to the park after school are you ok with that?'' "˜"˜Yeah sure but make sure you're home by 5:00.'' Ok dad love you too bye. I put my phone in my backpack and looked for Ethan. I hope he knows the way to the park... I saw him standing with Gavin, Chase, and Aiden. I tapped Aiden on the shoulder, "˜"˜are you still going to the park.'' "˜"˜Yeah why?'' "˜"˜Well I don't know the way.'' I'm so stupid we can just walk together, Ethan Chase and Gavin are coming along. "˜"˜Do they know.''? I whispered. "˜"˜Yeah they know everything, Lets go.''
  12. The whole trip there everyone was quite. Not a word out of anybody. I didn't want to say anything because it would make everything awkward. The trip ended and we were finally at the park. I sat down on a bench and all the guys stood around scratching their heads and whispering to each other, Guys I'll just go home if I don't get any answers, I'm not going to play any stupid games. Ethan looked at me with worried eyes, "˜"˜No we'll tell you but you're going to think we're crazy.'' "˜"˜No I won't just tell me!'' Chase sighed, "˜"˜We aren't mortal, we all have one special power but we can all shape shift.'' "˜"˜Ok and how does this have anything to do with me?'' "˜"˜Because there are people who call themselves hunters, and they are trying to kill you-'' "˜"˜WHY!? how come they want me... I'm nothing but ordinary.'' "˜"˜No you're anything but ordinary.'' I looked at Gavin that was the only thing he said to me this whole conversation.

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