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Lily was an ordinary girl until she got ripped away from her family to join a boot camp in which she is trained by four guys to fight to the death against the other colored squads.

Did Lily survive the bite? Who tried to save her? Jason, Reid, Owen or someone new? You will have to find out when you read Ready or Not part 4 right now=

Created by: chaz55

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  1. I wake up to the sound of screaming. I recognize the voices. It's Jason and Lawrence. "You know she isn't supposed to know these other sides of us!" Jason tries not to yell but he makes it pretty loud. 'What does he mean?' I wonder. "What will happen when she finds out about all of this? About this whole plan?" Lawrence doesn't bother making this quiet. What secret are they hiding from me? "Well we wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for you and your whole biting incident." "I couldn't help myself. She looked so tasty." I force my hand to feel the mark of where I was bitten. But I'm too afraid of what the result will be.
  2. My hand finally reaches the mark and I feel two bites marks. They are like holes. I decide to leave the mark alone because who knows what I can do to it. "Lawrence, you are making this too hard for our squad. If they find out about what you did, we can be lowered in the standings. Maybe even to last!" Jason is now screaming. "Jason, you should've known better not to leave me alone with the girl." "I haven't seen Owen or Reid freak out on her yet. Do you know what they can do to her! It's ten times worse than what you can do. She's lucky it wasn't them." "Then what's so bad about what I did?" Lawrence asks. "Are you kidding? You put her in danger! You put our whole squad in danger!" Jason finishes talking and there is no answer by Lawrence. "You know what Lawrence, I want you to leave. I'm the leader of this squad and I'm kicking you out. I should've done this a long time ago."
  3. "Fine. I don't need this. I can go to the yellow squad with my brother." Then a pop comes into my head. Who was the guy that saved me yesterday? Who saved me from my terrible nightmare of being attacked by Lawrence. All of the sudden my door opens and closes. I pretend to be asleep but someone leans over me. I can't help but open my eyes to see who's there. I don't recognize the guy but he is pretty cute. "Are you feeling any better?" He asks. I sit up straight but that's when the pain becomes a hundred times worse. I fall back into my bed and moan in pain. "I guess not." I try to talk to him but it is too hard. Finally I am able to make out a few words. "Y-y-you sa-save me?" I ask. "I did." He smiles and introduces himself. "I'm Aaron. I am from the silver squad but when I was walking down the path to the training hall, I saw what Mr. Tikey was doing to you. So I went up to him and tackled him." "You-you save m-my life." I say. He smiles. I blush.
  4. "I need to go check on what is happening. I will come back in two minutes. I try to fall back asleep but it is too hard. The pain is seeping through my neck, then to my chest, then to my stomach. I feel like I need to vomit. But it is just my body playing a trick on me. I finally start to think about other things and I manage to fall asleep. It felt like I was asleep forever. I was dreaming about four puppies. I owned all of them. They all loved me and I loved them also. Each were a different kind of puppy. One was black, one was light brown, one was dark brown and one was gold. I took them to a dog show where they each competed in challenges. All of them tried to impress the audience with different tricks. The winner in the end was my black puppy. I celebrated with my puppy but all of the sudden another black dog came along. It was bigger than my puppy and all of the sudden started to attack my dog. My dog whimpered and cried but my dog got all of his might and started to attack the dog. The dog got scared and ran away. My dog had a few scratches after but everything was okay. I am woken up my Aaron and I wonder about my dream. I think about how weird it was and what it could've been about. I guess it was just another random weird dream of mine. Aaron lifts me up and puts me into a wheelchair with a neck rest. Aaron rolls me into the living where I find Reid, Owen and Jason all standing in a line. I don't know what it's about until I look at their feet and see Lawrence, lying on the ground with scratches marks on his neck, dead.
  5. "Umm, Lily. One of us killed Lawrence but that is no reason to be alarmed. We are still good guys and we only did it for your own safety. See yesterday, you were attacked by Lawrence. He started biting you out of rage for no reason at all and his teeth are very sharp because he has a good dentist and-" "Reid, let me stop you right there." I am obviously feeling better and the words start flowing out of my mouth. "I know Lawrence is a vampire. And I overhead Jason say that you guys are like him too." Reid stares at me but at the same times smacks Jason in the stomach. "Putting all of that aside," starts Owen, "Aaron will be joining our team transferring from the silver squad to be our new personal trainer."
  6. "I just have one question." I say to Owen. "Ask away." He replies. "I want to know who killed Lawrence." I say. "Well," Owen replies, "if you really need to know who it was, it was me. The scratch marks are because, um, because I am a werewolf." "Is that why you are so tall?" I ask. "Well three years ago, I was about Reid's height. I was in mid battle against the purple squad and the battle had gone all the way till midnight. I turned into a werewolf that night and someone had worked up the nerve to injure me in the back. The next morning when I woke up in the hospital, I had grown a feet to my normal werewolf size."
  7. "Oh." I say. "Well then what are you Jason? And you Reid? And can you do anything Aaron?" Reid answers first. "I am also a vampire. But don't worry, I can control myself." Then Aaron answers. "I can control water and make it do what I want. I know it's not as cool as a werewolf or vampire." I turn back around to face Jason as I say, "and you Jason?" But he is gone.
  8. All of the sudden there is a knock at the door. Aaron decides to answer it. He opens the door and someone pulls him outside and shuts the door. "Oh my gosh!" Reid says. "Aaron was kidnapped!"
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