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Lily was an ordinary girl until she got ripped away from her family to join a boot camp in which she is trained by four guys to fight to the death against the other colored squads.

Will Lily survive this crazy adventure? Will she come back home to her brother and her parents? Who will betray and who will be betrayed? Find out when you read Ready or Not p.3=

Created by: chaz55

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  1. Beep. Beep. That's the sound of my alarm clock. I didn't set it. It must of been one of the guys. I pull on the sweatpants and the white t-shirt that I wore yesterday and walk out my door. I walk into the bathroom and take out a toothbrush. I reach into the cabinet and find a half used tooth paste. I look further in and I find a skirt. "Hey Owen." I walk into the giant den and find Owen sitting on the couch. "I found this skirt and obviously it doesn't belong to any of you guys so I was wondering who's it was cause it's kinda nice." "Oh, that was Mandy's." He replies in his accent cool as ever. "Who's Mandy?" I ask. "You mean who was Mandy." Interrupts Jason as he walks into the room from the hall opposite where I came from. "She was our head before you. But she sadly died in battle."
  2. "Mandy was our leader for two years and we were at the top of the charts. We were eliminating squads here and there. First was Red. Then Turquoise. We eliminated about 14 squads until we got to burgundy. Now they were a challenge." Owen's eyes start to tear up when he gets to this part. So Jason continues. "The burgundy squad had a special leader. She was the only one that topped Mandy. But Mandy wasn't afraid. She stepped into that battle like it was nothing. But after two minutes until battle, she was killed. Our squad went from tied in first down to twenty third place. One kill equals down twenty spots. You're not supposed to kill in these games. You're supposed to defeat.
  3. "Hey guys." Lawrence says. His hair is now down instead of spiked. It probably got ruined in his sleep. "Hi Lawrence." I say. He smiles. "Hey Lily. How are you?" "I'm good thanks Lawr. Can I call you that?" "No problem Lil." Owen snorts. "Is there a problem Owen?" Lawrence asks. "No. No problem Lawr." Lawrence snarls and walks back into the hall he came out of. Five different halls for each of the five of us. "So anyways, Lily, you should probably start getting ready now. Practice starts in 25 minutes and our first duel is in two days." Jason says. "Two days!?" I exclaim. "Well we got you late. We should've gotten you a month ago. But let's start practicing!"
  4. I meet the four boys at the practice stadium. Lawrence is lifting weights, Jason is in the corner where there are about 20 computer screen that he is programming to do whatever he is doing, Reid is kicking dummies and punching punching bags left and right. Owen is sitting down on a bench eating a popsicle that he seems to be really enjoying. I didn't expect Owen to be eating a popsicle. I pictured him guarding a door or something. I guess it's not always like that.
  5. "Lily!" Reid screams from across the big room almost the size of the den. All the boys run over to me, tripping over themselves to be the first one to welcome me. I don't know why. "This is our practice room. You will be here everyday from 8 to 3 for practice. An hour break at 1 for lunch." Reid tells me. "Okay, anything else I should know?" I ask. "Yes, there is." Lawrence says. "There are transfers. Like trades. Some of us can be transferred to a different squad. For example, Jason was transferred here from the gold squad for Dylan Estibann. We're obviously glad with the trade." Lawrence smiled and put his arm around Jason. Jason moved away.
  6. The clock strikes three. After seven hours of hard work of kicks and punches and in worse case knives, the session finally ends.
  7. I walk back to the big house with Lawrence. "That was a good session Lily." He tells me. "Thanks Lawr." I respond. "We made you sweat a bit. Well get used to it Lily." He says. "I'll try my best." Lawrence stops me in my tracks and steps in front of me. "I cant help myself Lily." He starts kissing me on the lips. I don't hesitate. I kiss back. We kiss for a long time until it gets out of hand. He starts to move from my lips to where my dimples are. To my cheeks. Down to my neck. But he stops kissing. He starts biting. But it can't be. They don't exist. Lawrence isn;t a vampire. He can't be. The blood slowly seeps from my skin into his dry mouth. I become weaker and weaker. I cry in pain. I scream for help but there is no response. This is where I will die. This is how I will die.
  8. But then his teeth are ripped from my skin. I am dizzy. I can barely see. Someone has saved me or at least tried to. They wrestle Lawrence to the ground and that's when everything goes black. Someone saved me. But who?
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