What type is your poop?

Are you ready for the most awesomest quiz ever ok then cause you are about ready to take it. So be ready. It is fun. Well not really. Just the results are fun

What kind of poop do u have. Well i dont know and nor do i care. Just take this quiz and find out. So then you can go about your life. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: betty
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your diet?
  2. Whats your fav color
  3. This Question is just for fun. No Effect. Do you know what helps constipation?
  4. Pick your fav thing to do.
  5. Pick your fav food.
  6. How many times do you go poop in a day.
  7. Your fav animal.
  8. What do u say.
  9. Your FAV TV SHOW
  10. This is a random one

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Quiz topic: What type is my poop?