A Quiz About Music

I have no idea what to put. Sorry for the lack of quality in this quiz, I just picked a few random songs from my media player list, so it's really testing your style of music against mine

I don't know what to put in this bit. A prune's a fruit, no matter how old, it's always got some wrinkles! A baby prune is like his dad, but he ain't got wrinkles half as bad. You've got wrinkles on your face, a prune's got wrinkles everyplace! Same song, second verse, a little bit louder, a little bit worse.

Created by: Beth
  1. Which Queen song has the lyrics "Caviar and cigarretes" in it?
  2. Which punk group sang Another Girl Another Planet? (original)
  3. "I put horses' heads in people's beds 'cause I..." finish these lyrics by Catatonia
  4. Who's speech was used at the start of "Aces High" by Iron Maiden?
  5. "Don't you cry tonight..."
  6. What album was Green Day's song "Holiday" on?
  7. Which Guns N Roses album featured the members' faces as skulls on a cross?
  8. "Do you remember when we used to sing..." continue this song by Van Morrison
  9. "I Fought The Law" was performed originally by?
  10. "She was looking kinda dumb with..." continue this song by Smash Mouth

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