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There are many tipes of music!!! But music in my quiz is very COOL! So if you think that you now a lot about rap, rock, pop and hip-hop, then test yourself in my quiz. Before you start the quiz you must check my website very good, beacuse there are questions about me, my dog and music.

Do YOU now a lot about music? Did you check my vebsite well? Until now you could only wonder.But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Lara of Larchy
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  1. How old I`m(Larchy)?
  2. I`m from...
  3. When was my dog(Sah)born?
  4. My doggy likes...
  5. I like...
  6. I don`t like...
  7. I like music like...
  8. Who is my favourite singer?
  9. Which of this songs does Cascada sing?
  10. Which of this songs does Black eyed peas sings?
  11. Which of this songs does 50cent sings?
  12. Which of this artists does sing that song:I am a slave for you?
  13. Which of this artists does sing that song:Beautiful Liar?
  14. Who sing a song on my homepage and what is the title of this song?
  15. What is my real name?

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