Music Personality

Some people like Rap, Pop, Rock, soul, blue eyed soul, soft rock, hard rock, and i could go on and on and on. Witch do you like? find out your Music personality

Do YOU like pop, rock, or rap, or do you not like music at all. find out YOUR music personality today from this quiz. Please note this is not exactly perfectly accurate.

Created by: Cass

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. 1.would you rather go to a loud out door night concert with your friends, or 2.go to a indoor daytime concert with your siblings or relatives.
  2. Which animal do you like most?
  3. How Do you enjoy music?
  4. Do you like music?
  5. are you lesbian or gay?
  6. Are you social?
  7. What letter does your name start with?
  8. Do you know who Elton John is?
  9. Do you know who Cary Underwood is.
  10. do you like Katy Perry

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