How will you poop?

You poop in different ways but you will every day and every where in your life so try to have fun and the way are instructions try every time different I know laugh out loud. If there was someone I knew who was the weirdest person ever in the earth or out of all my friends I would make sure they do not poop like an idiot and I will try to help them get un weird, and I would make sure they do not act dumb and be stupid, so try not to be like an idiot after you take this test because it is real and it will happen to you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you or you. I know alot of people so try to do the same! Oh and try not to poop on the seat or anything that will be use for other reasons like drinking or sitting or like smelling. Laugh out loud I know well see you next time on a quiz not so gross yeah bye.

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Created by: C.A.R

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you eat more that 3 times a day?
  2. Do you smell somthing bad?
  3. Is there somthing or someone 2 inches taller that you now?
  4. Is your toilet 5 feet away from your bed?
  5. Have you ever aten something mixed with gross stuff?
  6. Do you like the oppisite gender?
  7. Have you ever gotton surgrey in your butt?
  8. Have you ever poop any where but a toilet?
  9. Do you ever been kissed.
  10. Have you ever touched your poop then pee?
  11. Have you ever been in two differnt toilets at the same time?
  12. Have you ever had to go to two differnt toilets after pooping?
  13. Have you ever drank your pee?
  14. Have you ever aten poop?
  15. Have you ever taken a poop test?

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Quiz topic: How will I poop?