Are you dumb or smart

The quiz is about how smart you are, and dumb you are so just take the test if you don't, don't take my test. I like my test because its good for smart people.

Smart people take the test so I can make you feel bad and stupid. I like making people look stupid and make them laugh at the same time. But if you are smarter than this test don;t take this quiz no more.

Created by: Marcus
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  1. If there are 10 fishes.How many fishes drowned
  2. If you have a friend and he was bit by a zombie what would you do?
  3. If everybody was dead what would you do?
  4. Can you read this word backwards retupmoc?
  5. Who has more points on the Heat?
  6. Who won the NBA championship this year?
  7. If you were gay what would you do?
  8. Did you catch that fish?
  9. Why can't you be like your brother?!
  10. Do you like the lunch you packed today?
  11. Were you sitting there?

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Quiz topic: Am I dumb or smart