How much do you stink?

There are many types of stinky. There is cheese stinky, onion stinky, b.o. stinky, and then there's Taco stinky! It all depends on how much you like poop and other stinky Cuban stuff.

Take this quiz to find out if you're just a little stinky or you've been rolling around in poop enough to reach Taco stinky. Just 10 simple questions...or 12, I don't remember.

Created by: bethany
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  1. How often do you brush your teeth?
  2. How often do you shower/take a bath?
  3. How much do you fart?
  4. How often do you wash your clothes?
  5. How clean is your bathroom?
  6. How often do you eat onions?
  7. Do you ever roll around in someone elses poop?
  8. How close to people stand to you when you're taling to them?
  9. Which of the following are you least likely to have in your home?
  10. Do you smoke?

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Quiz topic: How much do I stink?