Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 15)

I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I TOOK TOO MUCH TIME TO MAKE THIS. Yeah, several months, that's true. I'm sorry about that. I just never got the time. I know, again, that's a pretty pathetic reason, but still. Nobody can expect things to go exactly the way they want it too, right? As they say, 'expect the unexpected...'

So, about this quiz. I added a preeeety cool twist to this quiz series. I hope it makes you wonder at the end. I hurried through it a bit, so if it doesn't match your expectations, I'm sorry. I tried. Yeah, so in the previous quiz, Eulisses kissed you. Now in this, you'll see the aftermath and what a drastic change occurrs soon after!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. Groaning, you woke up as the Sun's welcoming rays filtered into your tent, burning your eyes. The rays reminded you of Eulisses' blonde hair, and therefore, you remembered the kiss he gave you last night and the problem he presented to you. You felt awkward- a mixture of happiness and tension. Happy that Eulisses was brave enough to stand up to his brothers' powers and kiss you, and tension of what they might have done to Eulisses when they found out what had happened. As if on cue, he entered the room, his face red all over and his cheeks soaked with tears.
  2. "Eulisses!" you gasped, throwing off your covers and rushing to him. You couldn't bear the fact that such a cheerful and happy person like him would cry. You were also mad at his brothers for doing whatever they did to him. Seating him on your sleeping bag and letting him sob into your shoulders for a while, you felt like crying yourself. Finally, he whimpered, "They beat me up." "WHAT?!" you shrieked. "They beat me up," he repeated, choking, and burst into tears again. "Eulisses-" you started, trying to soothe him. "I HATE YOU!!!" he roared, still weeping. "I hate you," he said again, and rushed out of the tent in a blur, as if he wasn't even there at all. The only thing that showed time went by was the Sun at its' peak. 'How could you?' you thought, directing it at the Sun. 'How could you shine so brightly at a time like this?'
  3. You sighed softly, rubbing your lips with your hands, deep in thought. Eulisses hated you but why? You dived into your memories, remembering things and trying to get things into order. Then, you found out. You recalled the boys carrying Damon as carefully and comfortably ad they could when the wave had crashed down upon him. They loved each other as brothers. He hated you because if you hadn't attracted him so much in the beginning, his brothers wouldn't have hurt him like this. 'Hey,______,' Upiorzyca called from your head. You sighed again. 'Yeah?' 'You need to talk to somebody.' 'What about you?' 'I felt too lazy.' You grumbled, annoyed, underneath your breath. 'Talk to Felix,' she advised. 'He knows you best out of everybody. Maybe he can cheer you up.' You nodded in agreement, squinting in the sunlight. Tossing your tangled covers away, you got up, stretched, and walked out into the blazing sunlight toward Felix's tent.
  4. You entered the homely tent. You heard a strange clicking sound. Looking down, you found the source of the noise. Felix was sprawled over his sleeping bag with the blankets tangled all around his legs. He was playing SuperMario on his Nintendo. "Um..." you started, feeling stupid awkward. "Hey, Felix. Can I talk to you for a second?" No answer.
  5. You narrowed your eyes, feeling a peculiar wave of fear washing over you. Something isn't right here, your instincts told you. Something is definitely wrong. You ignored it though. It was broad daylight. Of course nothing could go wrong. You timidly reached down, poked his back, and quickly pulled it away. "Felix?" you ask, really starting to get scared your voice was shaky. The tent seemed to grow darker as the minutes ticked by. It beagn to get more chilly. Still, you fought your fears, kneeled down, and put your hand on his shoulder, bravely asking, "Felix? Can you talk to me now?" Suddenly...
  6. Suddenly, he flings you away and swiftly stands up. You scream and huddle into the corner of the tent. With absolute fear in your eyes, you look up. There, in front of you, is a guy with a lean, muscular body and maroon red, almost purple mohawk-style hair. He's bare-chested and wearing jeans and pumps. He's got this crazed, power-hungru look in his eyes that makes you want to run away and never come back. "FInally," he hisses. "I have found you."
  7. You gulp softly. His golden, reptilian eyes seemed to grow narrower as he smiled maliciously. He cackled with such evil dripping from his voice that now, anger replaced your fear. You stood up, marched right over to him and yelled in his face, "Where's Felix? Huh? Answer me, freak!" The guy's evil smile slowly fades. His lips become straight. He looked grim. "That isn't very polite." "I don't care!" you scream back. You feel Upiorzyca stir angrily inside of you. "Answer me already!" you repeat. He sighs mockingly. "Oh, all right. If you insist." he snaps his fingers and the tent vanishes. You are inside a jail cell. Chains hang everywhere across the moldy, damp ceiling, clanking like skeletons' bones. There was not one window. It was almost completely dark, if it weren't for this dude's eyes- only, his image was blurred by the metal bars that trapped you in. "Let me out!" you scream. "Where's everybody? Where am I? Who're you? What is this..." your voice trails off as you choke on your tears.
  8. He answers, a smug grin plastered on his face, "Felix is right behind you." You gasp and turn around. There, you see a horrific thing- Felix looked frail, pail, and completely drained of health lying in a heap on the stone floor and barely breathing. You turn around, tears leaking down your eyes. "I'll tell you something else too," the guy said with an even bigger grin. You didn't answer, signalling for him to continue. "This is the exact same cell in which those four idiots' mother was executed." Your eyes widen. You sank onto the floor and start to cry in buckets. Through your eyes, you see blood pooled everywhere. You hear people screaming and children crying. You couldn't think right. The vision disappeared as the guy went on, "We totally outnumbered them . While they searched for food for you, we surrounded them, ambushed them, and took'em right here. We're planning to drain them of all their magic."
  9. "So?" the guy prods, looking you up and down. Feeling self-conscious, you back away slowly and place your hand gently on Felix's back. You could feel his backbone without even pressing hard. "Who are you?" you whisper. He grins EVEN wider. Bat-like wings jut out from his wings and flutter constantly, involuntarily. "My name's Coal. I'm a Death Fairy." Feeling scared out of your wits, your hand crept down your foster brother's back and into his wrinkled palm. You suddenly felt happiness surge through you as you felt another feeble squeeze. You heard Felix sigh softly. Coal looked at the two of you. The grin remained on his face, and the power-hungry look slowly made its way into his eyes again. "Don't even try to escape. Your plans of reaching the innermost circle are foiled. Your boyfriends are worthless now, and you'll be executed in twenty-four hours." you gasp and start to get up. He waved cheerily and chirped, "Well, see you until then!" "WAIT!" you call, but he vanished. You fell onto your knees again and looked into the distance, hearing the metal clinking and clanking, too scared to even cry.
  10. Okay, yeah, again, I know I started this after several months. So, all I can say is I'm sorry. I felt kinda bored. I wanted to add some kind of punch to this series so I added this twist to it. Hope you like it! Please comment and rate!

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