Four days and counting... ~part 2~

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So, i'm glad you all liked the first one! If you didn't take it, GO AND DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, here is will make the boys talk, just a hint there!!!!

So, yeah, so three worlds, three Gods, three boys, all trapped, you find them, evil Dadddy... DO i need to say anything more? I do, well there is also this...

Created by: js0cj
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  1. You look at all three of them. They were all really hot! You had to save them! But why were they here? Was this what your father didn't want you to see? Suddenly, you notice another button next to the big red button. You press it, and nothing happence. "Strange," you say to yourself. "What's strange?" you hear a voice say, and you nearly jump out of your skin. You look at the person who talked. Forest. "I can hear you?" you ask, standding up and walking towards him. "Yer, you pressed the talk buttton. It lets us talk to each other," he said. His voice was a calm tone, which reminded you of a river. "Can the others talk too?" you ask, and take a step back so you can see Sky and Jonah as well. "Sure we can! We've got a voice you know, sweet-cheeks!" Jonah says with a wink. His voice, even though his words were kind, sounded like a whip. "What about Sky?" you ask, and walk over to him. He just stands there, staring at you. "He just hardly talks..." Forest says. Jonah laughs, and then turns and sits on his bench. "Yer, it always goes down to Sky! The Prof. is so cray about him! Why doesn't anyone give a s**t about me?" he says, his voice sounding more than just a whip, but more like knives. You slowly walk over to him. You place a hand on the glass and look at him. "I care about you... I care for all of you." At this, Forest smiles the biggest smile ever, Sky gives a little smile and a flap of his wings, and Jonah slowly looks up at you. "You reaaly?" he asks, and you nod.
  2. You walk and sit back in the chair so you can see the guys better. "So, how did you all get here?" you ask. They all seem to sigh, but then Forest says, "Well, it's a VERY big story, and it will take years to tell it, but lets just say Prof. upstairs took us away from your parents and locked us up here." You gasp at this. You father took these boys away from their parents!!!! "OMG! Why would Daddy do that?" you ask yourself. "DADDY!!!!!!!!!!" Jonah shout, and stands up and starts banging his head against the wall. "What?" you ask. Forest gives a worried look at the wall Jonah is banging his head on, and says, "Your father locked us up? How come we didn't know about you? Did you even know about us?" You are still a bit worried about onah, and just answer, "I didn't know about you." Jonah stops banging his head and sits back down. He looks at you, and shouts, "So, our only way to escape it the daughter of the evil Prof.?" You feel really angry that Jonah called your Dad evil, so you don't talk to him.
  3. "I've got to save you all somehow," you say to them, mostly to Forest because you don't like Jonah in this moment in time, and Sky isn't talking. "But how?" Forest replies. You both think about it for a while, but then Forest notices something. "Hey, is that a set of keys on your belt?" You look down to find you've still got your dad's keys. You quickly stand up and check the glass for a keyhole, but find none. You sit back down, upset that your couldn't free them! Forest looks sad as well, but doesn't really care that much, since there is no chance of them escaping. "Good going Treestump..." Jonah comments, which makes Forest a little more p**sed off. You sit back on the chair and look at them again. They were really a sight! "So, who are your parents?" you ask aout of the blue. "Well, My Mother is Mother Nature, the God of Earth, or the middle land," Forest says with pride. "I've got the coolest Dad ever, and he lets me do anything i like, even kill people!" Jonah says, giving an evil smile, as if he was going to kill you. "But, who is he?" you ask. "The Devil... And he rules Hell, or the low world! It's soooooooooooo cool down there!" he says, but before he could say anything else, you turn to Sky, still a bit p**sed at Jonah. Sky doesn't really say anything, and Forest can't help with this because he doesn't know. You slowly walk over to Sky and look at him. The way his wings were flapping made it look like he was smiling, though he doesn't. "Please can you tell me," you say calmly. We walks right up to the glass and looks you in the eyes. "My Father, my Father is God. He rules Heaven, the upper world," he says. His voice was so beautiful, like angels singing. You smile at him, and he flaps his wings more.
  4. Just then, there is the sound of a door closing from down corridor. You turn to see a light comming your way. "Guys, i'm gonna have to go now! I'll be back tomorrow night!" you say, and run to the chair and press both of the buttons. The lights go out and you quickly run to the door. You can hear foot steps comming closer, You wait for them to pass, and then you leave, running as fast of you can to your room, and locked the door afterwards. You lay on your bed, thinking about the boys. You finally go to sleep What dream would you most likey to have?
  5. You wake up the next morning to the sound of your Dad's voice. "Hello Sweety, how did you sleep?" you look over to where your Dad was stood at the door. You really wanted to shout at him about locking up the boys, but you didn't want your Dad to know that you escaped! "Hello Daddy!!!" you shout, and run up to him and hug him. "DId you enjoy your birthday yesterday?" he asks. "I did Daddy, i had the best birthday EVER!!" you say, telling the truth. You were glad you found the guys! You Dad has brought you breakfast, so you eat that. While you are, you Dad says, "Sweety, Daddy's got to go away for a while. Will you be ok by yourself?" You nod. "Well Sweety, it's going to be a year, see Daddy's job means he has to go to far away places," he says. You nod again. Ok, i'm leaving in a minute, Bye Sweety!" he says, and leaves. Wow! That was too easy! Now you can save the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. As soon as he's gone, you run to your door andu unlock it, and run to the room with the boys. You get there, and press both buttons. The guys are really shocked, but happy to see you, except Jonah, because he's still a bit p**sed at you! "GUY! I'M GONNA SAVE YOU!" you shout, and start banging on the glass to break it. "Miss, it won't work! The glass is unbreakable!" Forest says. "Miss?" you ask. "Yes... We didn't catch your name yesterday," he says, a little embarrest. You stop hitting the glass and blush. "It's ______," you say. Forest smiles, blushing himself. Jonah looka up and starea at you. Sky flaps his wings even more.
  7. "How did my Dad get you all in here?" you ask. "Well, we don't know. We were knocked out," Forest says. "THERE'S GOTTA BE A WAY OUT!" Jonah shouts, and starts hitting the glass like you did, ramming it more like! "Jonah, it's not going to work!" you say, but Jonah doesn't give up. You watch him, failing...
  8. Suddenly, there is a sound of a door behind you. You turn around to find... "Daddy?"
  9. That's a rap, again! I needed to have the cliffhanger there, SORRY! So please tell me, who do you like?
  10. How do you like the story so far?
  11. So, i've got to say bye now! Will you comment and rate?
  12. Ok! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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