Four days and counting... ~part 1~

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Behind everything, there is a story! This is the story of the universe, and how you play a key part on life now! This is going to be really confusing if you don't read it, so be carful! Please comment and...

rate, and give me ideas! Right, there are three boys, and three lands, and three Gods, and three lots-of-other-thing! To find out what i mean, TAKE THE QUIZ!!!!!

Created by: js0cj

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  1. In the beginning, the world was as one. Everyone respected each other, all was united. The three hight Gods rulled together, bringing good luck and good will to all of their poeple. All was at peace. But then, one day, one of the high Gods decided "Why should we agree on everything? We all want different things, but we all have to agree. Why don't we just split our land into three, and have our own land to rule!" This God was a pain, and only wanted to rule just to be in power, and have everyone at his knees. But, what the other Gods didn't know, was that he didn't the land to split for free decision, but because he wanted his people to work for him, make his rich. The other two Gods agreed on splitting the earth, and the land did so. The bad God's land was below, covered in volacno's and fire. It was also almosty compleatly flat, but had mountains and rivers of blood. The strick God, which was also a Woman, had the land in the middle, which was a sphire, with lust green grass and water. The very kind God had the high land, which was also flat, but soft, and covered in the clouds. The people were also devided. For a day, all the people were kept on the side, ready to be devided. Ten people went into each land to see how the God treated them. The bad God hurt them, made them slaves. The strick God gave them a home, but they had to work. The kind God let them live in his castle, and live the lucturies he does. From that, all of the Gods decided to do this. All the people will live with the strick God, intill which they will be triled. If in their time on the stick world they acted bad, like the mean God, they will go to his world to live for the rest of their time. And if they were kind, like the kind God, they would live in his land, always being treated like kings. And the plan went ahead. Each God lived as their own, for as long as man has been alive. But, they all have their own stories...
  2. As well as the three Gods, there was also another 'high in power' man. He was no God, but did play a roll in the kingdoms. He had no name, but most people called him 'The dark one'. He was the one to keep the piece, make sure the Gods stuck to all they had promised. One promise the Gods made was to never get married, or have children, so their throwns would never get overpowered. The dark one made sure that the Gods didn't break this promise, and checked on them every 100 years. But, a lot can happen in 100 years...
  3. In the high land, the God their lived in a fine castle, made from the highest luxturies ever. His people loved their lives, and said that it was much plesant than the live in the middle land. Everyone was happy, and the God decided to throw a party. Everyone arived at his castle, and everyone was even happier. Then, from across the hall the God saw someone. A girl, so beautiful he could not contain the feeling inside of him. That night, they spend every minute together. 9 months later, the God was a father. He had to keep his son a secret from The dark one. He locked him up in a castle, never to see the face of the sun. He killed his wife, and made sure none of the other Gods knew about his son. When The dark one came around, he knew straight away about the Gods son, went straight to where he was locked up and took him away from the God. The dark one put a spell on the son, they he would stay looking like he is, and have no powers at all. The God was very upset, and did not want to see anything that reminded him of his son, so closed the doorway to his kingdom to a slight crack, so only the best of the best could be in his kingdom... For his name, was God!
  4. In the middle land, the female God lived in a house, just like everyone else. She had people working for her, testing them on how they live. One day, she saw that when some of her good people were moving on, they kept comming back. She knew God must have closed his doorway a little, so the good people would come back. She got very angry at this, and went on a storming rampage, destroying her land with Storms, earthquakes, and other desasters. One of her peoples, a man, decided to try and stop her. He went to her house to try and calm her down, and succeded. They got to know each other very well, and 9 months later, the God had a son. She too knew that she could not let anyone know about this, and forbiden her lover to a far distant part of her land. As for her son, she kept his quite, but with her. When The dark one came, he too knew about her son, and took him off her. The God was so devastated, she continued with her desasters, and to this day, they keep happening. The dark one kept the Son the same way too, like God's son. The middle God could not stand her people much, so made them have a hard life, with pain and fear... For her name was Mother Nature!
  5. In the lower world, the God was having the best time of his life, seeing all the pain, all the blood! More and more people were comming from the middle land to his for a reason he didn't know. But he didn't care, as long as he was seeing blood being spilled, he was fine. But then, one day, the God was messing around, and picked on a poor, innocent girl, and forsed her to do 'something'. 9 months later, a box and a note was left on the Gods doorstep, from this girl. It was a baby, that looked like the God. The note said what happened, and that the girl had forbiden herself to a distant part of the world. The God just laughed, thinking The dark one would never find out, and let his son do as he wished. He was very prowd of his son, because he hurt people for the fun of it, and caused trouble. But then, The dark one came. The God tried to hide his son, but it was too late. The dark one was already off with him. The dark one kept him the same age as well, and the God, frustrated, made more pain then ever... For his name was the Devil!
  6. The Dark one was happy, that he caught the Gods out. Maybe he'd be able to catch them out again, and maybe rule the three world together! He set off back to his home, and dark cave in the middle of no where, with his three gifts. When he got back, he placed the three boys in different cages. He inspected them closly. All were very different, and looked a lot like the world they came from. That night, he went to bed, laughing in his sleep. The three Gods decided to get together to try and get their own back on The dark one. The dark one was woken up that night by a beautiful woman. And lets just say, 9 months later, The dark one found out he was a dad. Frustrated, he killed his wife, and almost killed the baby, but stopped when he saw it's face. a beautiful little girl, who looked a lot like him. Small locks of hair, and little nose, a wonder of the world. He looked after her, keeping her healthy. She grew up, alone with her father. He taught her everything, from reading and writing, to how to love someone. She loved her life, but never knew why she was never aloud out of her room. It wasn't in till her 16 birthday that she found out...
  7. You open your eyes and look at the roof above you. You sigh. Once again, you wake up to a day of wondering. Wondering about life! Just then, your dad walks in. "Hey sweety!" he smiles, walking over with a big wrapped up box in his hand. Then you remember, YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! "Oh Daddy! THANK YOU!" you say, wrapping your arm around him, making him drop the box. "It's ok Sweety! Look what's inside!" he says, and you let go of him and rip the paper off as fast as you could. You look at the gift. "Daddy, it's just a helmit and a horse whip," you say, a bit confused. "Yer, but look outside," he says, and you run to the window to see a beautiful stalion on the lawn outside. "OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD!!!!!!!!!!" you scream, and jump up and down on the spot! "Daddy, down this mean i get to go outside?" you ask. He nods. "THANK YOU!" you scream, running and hugging him again. You run to the door to find it locked. Your dad walks behind you and blindfolds you. "Daddy, why won't you let me see around the house?" you ask. "Well, i don't want you to see my job... It's... a bit messy!" he says, and opens the door. He leads you down endless corridors, and finally you're outside. He takes the blindfold off, and you stare at the great outdoors. Your first time out in your whole life!!! You run up to the horse, wearing your helmit, and start to ride it. You ride to horse up to your dad and say, "Thank you Daddy! Thanks for getting me Princess!!!!" you say, and ride the horse off again.
  8. You finish riding Princess, and your Dad blindfolds you again, and leads you back to your room. He takes the blindfols off. You turn around and look at him. Just then, you notice something at the side of him. A set of keys! Your chance of freedom, at least for one night! "Oh, thank you Daddy!" you say, and hug him. "No problem Sweety!" he says, not noticing you take the keys from him. You let go of him, hidding the keys in your pocket, and he walks out. You have a speciel door, which locks when you close it, so he didn't even notice you taking them! You went to bed, since it's 7, and you always go to bed that time, and prtend to be asleep. At 12, you are ready for your big adventure. Your dad always falls asleep at 12, so you decide that's the right time. You get from your bed and walk to the door and unlock it. You slowly creek your door open, and look down the pitch black corridor. You almost scream with delight as you step out of your room. You walk down, looking for somwhere to explore. You walk down endless corridors for about half an hour, but then a room catches your eye. It's empty, apart from a chair, facing the opposite wall. You slowly walk in, and sit on the chair. Very weird. On one of the arms was a big red button. Do you press it?
  9. You press it. Loads of lights come on, but don't worry, the door was closed. You stare at the wall in front of you. It wasn;'t a wall, it was a sheat of glass, with something behind it. Three cages. WITH THREE BOYS IN!!!! You slowly stand up from your chair and walk over to the glass. Which one do you look at first?
  10. You go for the left one first. You walk right up to the glass and press your hand on the glass. You look at the boy in there. He is sitting on a bench at the back, looking beworlded at you. You notice that he was pale white skin, almost as if he was ill. He has blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He slowly stands up from his bench and walks towards you. He reaches his hand through the bars and presses it against the glass, ontop of your hand. You now notice he's shirtless, with ABS!!!!! And he is only wearing a pair of white combat trowsers. You smile at him, but he doesn't smile back. Instead, he spreads a beautiful pair of wings out from behind his back. You stare, amazed at them. Then he smiles. "What is your name?" you ask. He doesn't seem to hear you. So witrh the other hand that isn't on the glass, you breath on the glass and write 'Name?' He looks at it, and then breaths on the glass himself and writes 'Sky'. You smile. And then take your hand off the glsss, wave goodbye, and move onto the middle.
  11. You walk to the middle and look at the boys in there. He must have known you were going to come to him, and was stood, hands wrapped around the bars, looking at you. He's got a slightly tanned skin, with Brown hair, and bright green eyes. He's wearing green T and blue jeans, which look a bit scruffy. You wave hello to him, and he smiles, and waves back. You breath on the glass again and write 'Name?' He smiles, and writes 'Forrest'. You smile, looking him straight in the eyes. You start to walk to the next one, when he gives you a face which is almost pleading you to stay. You look back at him, and it looks like he sighs, but then blows you a kiss. You blush, and then go to the next one.
  12. You walk to the next one and look at the boy there. The first thing that catches your eye is his devilish smile. You try to look away from that, but the next thing makes it worse. He has bright red eyes. Though you found it very unusal, it didn't scare you, because he was so hot. He has black hair, and when i say black, and mean, it was darker than black. He was wearing a red T, with a leather jacket over the top. Also he had black leather jeans on, like bikers have. You smile at him, and he smile back, a really hot smile that you almost fainted at. You write 'Name?' again, and this time he writes a whole sentance. 'You can call me Jonah, sweet-cheeks!' You giggle and blush, but then turn to walk away, when you see out of the corner of your eye Jonah wink. You go and sit back down at the chair.
  13. Right people, that's a rap! So, i will be making the next one soon, because my sister is annoying me for the computer!!!!! Right, i'll try and make it for before Friday!!! Please comment and rate, and tell me who you like, what you think, and whatever you do, please do not say that you hate Jonah! He's cool! Creepy, but cool!!!! Give me ideas and such, and answer one more question... WHO DO YOU LIKE?

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