NHL Fans Quiz 1

Okay, I'm really tired of seeing all these noobs saying that they know hockey when they really don't. So here's your chance to prove that you're actually a fan and not just a noob.

If you're a true fan, give yourself a pat on the back. You're a real fan of the greatest sport on earth. If you fail, you're not a real fan and you can gtfo.

Created by: ilikeb00bies of NHL Eastern Conference Trash Talk
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  1. Which team did the Montreal Canadiens defeat in their most recent Stanley Cup victory in 1993?
  2. In the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1 Game 7 victory over the Detroit Red Wings in the 2008-'09 Stanley Cup, who scored both Penguins goals?
  3. Of the Stanley Cup finals match-ups listed, which one did NOT go to 7 games?
  4. Which Atlantic Division team has the most Stanley Cup victories since 1940?
  5. Who were the Carolina Hurricanes before they moved to Carolina and became the Hurricanes?
  6. Who did Pelle Lindbergh play for?
  7. Which of the following teams HAS won a Stanley Cup?
  8. Which team gave Martin St. Louis his first training camp tryout, and which team did he play his first NHL game for?
  9. Where do the New York Islanders play?
  10. Who is the Anaheim Ducks all-time leading point scorer?
  11. Who did the Detroit Red Wings defeat in the 1997-'98 Stanley Cup?
  12. Which two teams did the Philadelphia Flyers defeat in their back-to-back Stanley Cup victories in 1973-'74 and '74-'75?
  13. Who scored the goal that ended Patrick Roy's career in a Game 7 overtime?

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