Are you a True Jonas Fan?!

In this world there are two types of Jonas Fans. Fans who love all four of them and have to stop the world to be included in everything they do or fans who just like them because they are hot.

Which FAN are you? take this quiz to find out, if you don't know the answer: just guess or think WWJD? [[what would jonas do?]] Just in a few minutes your world could CHANGE!

Created by: Olivia

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  1. When the boys lived in New Jersey what church did they attend?
  2. What is Kevin's dream job?
  3. If Joe were an animal, what would he want to be?
  4. What is Nick's favorite monopoly piece?
  5. What song would joe dedicate it to his 3rd grade teacher everytime they played it at concerts?
  6. What song is about nick's diabetes?
  7. what jonas tried fish eyes and liked it?
  8. What was the name of Frankie's band BEFORE he changed it?
  9. What is the date the Jonas Brothers new album is coming out?
  10. What is the Name of the JONAS BROTHERS CURRENT TOUR?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Jonas Fan?!