New York City Subway Quiz

There are many people who know the MTA subway system of New York, but not that many people know the MTA to an in-depth level. Good luck!! Try hard.

Are you good at the MTA subway system? Real New Yorkers who know how to navigate the city should be able to pass this test. So let's see. Do the test to figure out the truth and see if you really know the MTA subway lines or not. Try your best!!

Created by: Mark
  1. What Train Goes To the Bronx and Brooklyn?
  2. What Train Does Not Go To Manhattan?
  3. What Train Runs Express on 8 Avenue?
  4. What Train Does Not Go To Coney Island?
  5. What is the Last Stop on the 4 Line in the Bronx?
  6. What Trains Goes Local on Queens Blvd in Queens?
  7. What Train Does Not Go to the Barclays Center?
  8. What Trains Do Not Stop at Times Sq-42 St?
  9. What Train Goes to a Sports Stadium?
  10. What Trains does not go to 34 St?

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