The Basic Subway Surfers Quiz

DON'T CHEAT! Don't use your Subway Surfers app. Just plunge straight into this quiz. You know, I've always wondered how a big huge fat guy can get on top of trains so easily...

Oh well, maybe you'll be the one to invent the "Everything's Fat" app. Don't ask. Just take the quiz and you'll find out what I'm talking about. Ok go now....go on....

Created by: Damask

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  1. How many Mystery Boxes can you get per run?
  2. How do you temporarily increase your multiplier?
  3. What do you win by completing missions?
  4. After missions are finished, how many objectives are there?
  5. What PowerUp gives you the ability to jump on trains?
  6. How much do Hover Boards cost?
  7. What character do you start out with?
  8. Where do you go to select a new board?
  9. How many keys does it cost to save yourself just once in one run?
  10. How many coins do coin magnets pick up?
  11. Why is your character running?
  12. Who's the most expensive character?

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