Pseudocode and Flowcharts

Quiz about pseudo code and flowcharts. It covers some very basic aspects of the two representations of algorithms. People new to programming should attempt this quiz.

Are you a programming guru? Do you want to be? Do you want to test your knowledge of basic software design and implementation skills? Well this is the quiz for you!

Created by: Mr De Andrade
  1. Pseudo code is very focused on language syntax.
  2. Which one of the following shapes is NOT used in basic flowcharts?
  3. Is there a "correct" representation of algorithm to use?
  4. Pseudo code requires structure.
  5. What construct should you use to make your pseudocode more readable?
  6. Flowcharts require a begin symbol
  7. Pseudo code is written in short English statements?
  8. Pseudo code and Flow charts increase understanding of the processes they represent?
  9. You need to be an expert in at least one programming language to write pseudo code?
  10. Pseudo code and flow charts are best suited to which phase in the development life cycle?

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