How well do you know Code Lyoko?

Code Lyoko is like a sci-fi slash cartoon television series that used to run on the Cartoon Network channel. Unfortunately, it has recently come to an end.

If you remember Code Lyoko, and are interested in finding out how much you know about it, come and have a go at this quick test. You might be surprised by your final score.

Created by: Xana_1

  1. What colour is Aelita's hair?
  2. Which of these Code Lyoko characters is the shortest?
  3. Lyoko is...?
  4. Which of these is NOT a name for one of Xana's monsters?
  5. Who is in love with Aelita?
  6. Who eventually falls in love with Yumi?
  7. The main colour of Odd's Lyoko outfit is...?
  8. How many "sectors" are there in Lyoko?
  9. The Scyphozoa monster was created so that Xana could...?
  10. In which season does Aelita become materialised outside of Lyoko?
  11. In Lyoko, which of the following senses do you have?
  12. How many times does Yumi get attacked by the Scyphozoa?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Code Lyoko?