I need a pre paid code for my 3ds

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I just need a pre paid code for the e shop on my 3ds. please skip the quiz, and go to the comment area. and post the code. please and thank you. i olny want one game. a 20 dollar one would be good. :)

that^ i can't sign up on anything and my mom won't let me get a pre paid card for my 3ds. please give me one. i'll get on my knees, and BEG. I'll even help you clean and stuff, if i could. my dad is dead. so i can't ask him.

Created by: Swaggy
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  1. can you give me a pre paid card code for e shop please
  2. my mom won't get me one, and i can't sign up on anything. :(
  3. i just putted this here. sorry.
  4. im bored.
  5. You can skip this, and post the code in the comment area. remember 16 letters/numbers
  6. yawn
  7. just skip this thing, then leave a comment of a code
  8. skip this
  9. just skip it. there is nothing. just reply a code!
  10. you should of just skip this.

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