Never Alone (Part 10)

Sorry it took me a while to get this out. I've been very busy lately with stuff. I decided to write this first in Microsoft word so the grammar would be better. Well I'm going to try something new in the next paragraph. I'm going to put the guy's descriptions in it from now on. So let's say you forget what they look like you just have to read the paragraph. Now that we got that settled we can go on to the story. Or you could just read the descriptions if you want. You're choice. I hope you like this part.

Kyle: Black hair, purple eyes, smart, kind. Evan brown hair, blue eyes, nice, slightly protective, can be very rude at times. Zanary: White hair, mouse grey eyes, mysterious. Avery: Red hair, grey eyes, anger issues, can be nice, but that is rarely. Nick: Blonde hair, blue eyes, flirt, nice, slightly protective. Coal: Long white hair with natural golden highlights, golden eyes, nice, smart, and silent.

Created by: xbox360fan

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  1. What we crashed into was a person. The person kinda looked like me except it was a guy. His chest was moving up and down slowly so I knew he was still alive. I brushed some of his hair out of his face to fully examine him for any wounds. He had a gash on his forehead and a gash on his cheek. I could tell that three of his ribs were broken. Also his neck had four fang marks on it.
  2. This poor kid was only fourteen maybe fifteen. I placed my hands on his wounds gently and healed him. I then removed my hands from his wounds and looked around. I could hear planes nearby so I knew we would go there. Maybe we will catch an early flight I hope.
  3. Soon enough the guy woke up. "Hi" I said he groaned in response "I'm Coal and you?" I asked "Arrow, Arrows my name" he said. "Well Arrow come on then, were about to go to the airport" I said he nodded and I helped him stand. We then walked to the airport since it was close it wasn't that long of a walk. We paid for the tickets and made our way to the plane. I was seated next to this guy that looked like he was in his late thirty's. I wonder if we can actually have a civilized conversation. "Hello sir, I'm Coal, Coal Walkers" I said he turned his head to look at me "Oh, hello young lady. I'm Micheal, Micheal Waters" he said. I nodded my head, and before I knew it we started to talk about politics and such.
  4. Before I knew it, it was night. Micheal seemed to notice this as well because be he asked me if I wanted to sleep "that would be nice I responded" with a yawn. He chuckled as he saw this. I rested my head on the back of my seat, and slowly drifted off to sleep.
  5. ~Dream Mode~ I was walking through an old town. There were ghostly images of kids playing around and adults watching them. Some adults were going to work while some kids were going inside. Before I knew it I was at this house. It was old but beautiful on the outside who knows what it looks like on the inside though. I looked up at one of the top windows to see I was being watched by something or someone. It looked like an old man in his fifty's or sixty's. He was bald but had a patch of hair in the middle of his head. He seemed to have one glass eye while his other was missing. Almost all his teeth were gone except for four teeth. They were his canine teeth I think. They were five inches each on the top and seven inches on the bottom. Those aren't teeth, those are fangs. I found myself walking towards the house without any control over my body I tried using my powers but I failed to do so. I couldn't even spread out my wings. As I reached the door, the old man had opened it and I went inside. It turned out to be beautiful on the inside as well, though I was wondering why I was here the beauty of the house caused me to forget all my thoughts. I then regained control over my body again "An eye for an eye" he said. I was trying to figure out what he meant when I asked "what do you mean?" he shook his head in disbelief "what I mean is this. Your dad took my eye so I'm taking yours" he said. My eyes widened as he said that and I tried to run but I couldn't move again. I was confused and I tried to counter his magic with mine but I instantly failed. He then started to walk towards me holding a pair of pliers. I knew he was going to use it to keep one of my eyes open. I continued to struggle against his magic as he then opened the pliers and put them on my right eye to keep my eye lids from closing. He then grabbed a knife and started to cut my eye with the knife he then stabbed the knife into the middle of my eye and jerked my eye out. I yelled out in pain hoping someone could hear me but no one came. "You're just as pitiful as your dad was ya know that" he said as I whined in pain as I couldn't scream anymore. "Pitiful huh, I'm not the one going out and taking eyes now am I" I growled as my anger started to boil up I resisted his magic and he shot back and onto the wall. I stood ignoring the pain that I'm in. There was blood streaming down my face, as I walked over to him "if I was pitiful I would be the one taking eyes now wouldn't I" I snarled. He just smirked and began to resist my magic he then pinned me against the wall sinking his fangs into my neck. I yelled in pain as he started to suck the blood out of my body. I then fell limp, and saw nothing but darkness.
  6. ~Dream Mode End~ I woke up about to yell before I realized I was still in the plane. I touched my right eye and felt it was still there and I sighed in relief. I then move my hand down to my neck and I flinched as I felt a slight pain in my neck. I grabbed my Droid Razor by Motorola cellphone, and used the screen to see my neck. I gasped at what I saw. I saw four fang marks on my neck. I put my phone back in my pocket while I tried to find possible explanations for the bite mark. I couldn't find any though.
  7. The plane landed an hour later and I quickly got off not caring about the guys at this moment of time. I felt light headed so I sat down on a bench watching people pass by. My breathing slowed down as I started to become calm. The guys had found me but I just ignored them as my eyes flickered around from person to person. I then stood following them, when we got to the woods each one of them changed into their magical form. Well since Zanary as more than one he turned used his vampire speed. While me and Arrow just stayed in our human forms.
  8. We got their soon enough and walked in. I was led to my room with Arrow following. We are going to share I think "so about your last name, what is it?" I asked "tell me yours first" he said "fine, its Walker" I said. His eyes widened and I was confused "that's mine to" he said "maybe It's just a coincidence" I said "maybe, maybe not" Arrow responded.
  9. So that is the end of part 10. I hoped you liked this part. Again I'm so sorry it took me forever to get this out. Although I think I did a good job.
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