naruto love story part one

have you ever wondered what naruto guy you would end up with?well take my quiz and find out who it is. this is my first quiz please dont judge too bad.

when you have finshed you can review or see if i will make an actual naruto love story. it would be nice to have your opinion on it. have fun and have a great time.

Created by: anri hyuga
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  1. you ar ethe holder of the ten tailed wolf. you have a pet wolf named snow. your name is . you are going to be asigned genin teams. yuo wake up and find somethinf to were, what would it be?
  2. you are all dressed and you are ready to head out. you walk out of your apartment and see naruto with his head band. hey said naruto what do you think of my head band. what is your answer?
  3. after telling naruto what you think oyu hop onto snows back and ride off to school. when you get there you see Kiba. good morning says kiba are you ready for the teams? what do you say
  4. after your chat with kiba you go in to the class room iruka is not there yet. you see naruto and sasuke kissing on acident. sakura is about to punch naruto what do you do
  5. after you are done with that you go up and sit by hinata. you wait for your name to be called. you hear team seven and your name is calle out. are you excited about it
  6. you go to lunch and you see hinata sitting alone. you go over and talk to her. hey whats wrong you ask she replies does n naruto ever t talk abot me how do you react
  7. the next day you are waiting for your takes him forever but you finnallt meet him. you go to the roof and talk about your dreams.what are your dreams
  8. what is your favorite animal. i am running out of quetions
  9. who would you like to end up with
  10. did you like the quiz. should i make an actual love story one

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