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  • how well do you know me quiz new
    [published: Feb 16, 2013]

    Welcome to my Quiz of Doom!!!! Im kidding welcome to my how well do you know me quiz. this is…

  • how well do you know me
    [published: Jul 13, 2012]

    sigh i felt like making this quiz to see how much people know about me. so good luck and see what you can…

  • naruto love story part one
    [published: Jun 7, 2012]

    have you ever wondered what naruto guy you would end up with?well take my quiz and find out who it is.…

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  • Official Darkness Thread
    "He's working at the moment until 11. Soooo I decided to actually finish something and now I'm just procrastinating badly."
  • Official Darkness Thread
    "Trying not to lay on a couch while sad music plays about how you're not doing anything with your life kinda productivity."
  • Official Darkness Thread
    "I'm writing chapter nine of my fanfic and trying to be productive. Lol being an adult sucks."
  • Official Darkness Thread
    "How is you?"
  • Official Darkness Thread
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "Howdy darko."
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "Then sleeeeeeeeep~*wiggles my arms in front of your face* ALSO I MADE CHICKEN WITHOUT BURNING MYSELF...I feel so old because of"
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "Sleep is very good yes."
  • Official Lightness Thread
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "I'm getting old so now every time I move something pops or snaps loudly and hurts really badly lol. Its okay. Also I found out 204 people ha..."
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "Besides making my arm accidentally pop very loudly and having it hurt like a biitch I am great. OH NOES! MUST MAKE DARKO FEELS AGAIN!"
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "Saaame. I enjoy pickles a lot. Anyways how is Donny Darko yess?"
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "....cause I'm sadly addicted to pickles and forgot that the juice thinks my blood cells ffffffuuuuuuccccccckkkk."
  • Official Lightness Thread
    "And I ate two whole jars full of pickles. Drank the juice too."
  • The Coral Reef
    "I lost my bookmark for it so I don't remember much, but I still remember that I enjoyed reading it. Another good one is Namesa"

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