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  • This is mine
    "*grins and charged up more electricity on her body as she shifts fully into a wolf form charging at heph eagerly to try and get a few swipes..."
  • This is mine
    "*smirks and shoots off a crackle of lightning towards heph as she slowly starts shifting with patches of fur appearing on her exposed part o..."
  • This is mine
    "*grins eagerly and crackles off lightning along her skin* BRING IT SMALL FRY! *gets ready to block her attack and it willing to deal with th..."
  • This is mine
    "Eh hey if it helps you blow off steam kitty I'm all ears. *tail is twitching a bit seeming to be itching for a skirmish*"
  • This is mine
    "....I mean I'm always up for a fight again I'm a bit rusty. *grins* so set me on fire princess."
  • This is mine
    "I dunno Heph arson sounds like a fun time, but we don't wanna ruin the garden yah? *grins and pokes Heph in the side*"
  • "I dun like being touched so no I fine."
  • ""
  • "And I am back again in my humble thread wishing I was home. Legs are killing me and I just want sleep."
  • "I'm tired from work and everything is a blur. I can't focus at all honestly lol."
  • "My stomach hurts and I dun wanna go to work, but eh I need money"
  • Heph's thread
    "I'm a fae I can't lie."
  • Heph's thread
    "You already are hush"
  • Heph's thread
    "Only one Asmo"
  • Heph's thread

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