How much do you know about my OC children?

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Heph has alot of kids she has accumulated over the years, most through adoption. She is a very loving person, or so she thinks, and her kids are well taken care of.

How much do you know about this Fire demon's pack of wild offspring? There's so many of them, and each are completely unique and different. They all, however, are at least mentioned in this quiz.

Created by: Hephaestuschild
  1. Lily's father is who?
  2. Rontu is..
  3. Nadia originally came from where?
  4. Lily has a particular pet. What is this pet's species?
  5. Who is Heph's only OC child that she doesn't soley own the account of?
  6. Which child is fathered by Twisted?
  7. Where did Heph find Nene?
  8. What is Winter's favorite color?
  9. Who is Heph's oldest child?
  10. Rehtaeh- What is she?
  11. Who is Heph's youngest kid?
  12. How many of Heph's kids have her green eyes?
  13. Heph has a set of triplets. What are their names?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about my OC children?