Are you David's Friend???

Many people say "I'm David's friend!" But are you REALLY, his frined? What do you know about him? How many sisters does he have? How many brothers? How many animals, how many children? (0.0) The last one....ignore.

THEN PROVE IT. TAKE THE TEST! And to answer the questions above....2 sisters, 0 brothers, no animals, and over 100 children. Of course, a REAL friend, would know my children are my books

Created by: David of this site
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  1. What is my faovrite color?
  2. When is my birthday???
  3. What two Instruments do I play?
  4. Where do I work?
  5. Which of these stars, is my idol?
  6. Which clothing style is mine?
  7. How many friends DO I have?
  8. What color are my eyes?
  9. What is my deadly sin?
  10. Am I a virgin?

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Quiz topic: Am I David's Friend???