How well do you know Natalie and David?

David came up the great idea for this quiz(even though he didn't work on it!)And now we can say we stole a quiz idea from the lizes. Which when your done with ours, you can do theirs!

How well do you know Natalie and David? How many questions are on this quiz? And you will find yourself thinking. Why am I taking this? Why is Natalie so annoying to David? Is why is David so annoying?

Created by: Natalie Snodgrass

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  1. How did they say our last name when we were in elementry school?
  2. What is david's middle name?
  3. What does david like to scream at Natalie when she's on the computer?
  4. What does Natalie do to annoy David the most?
  5. Where did Davit come about?
  6. Whos better: A tuscan raider or chewbacca?
  7. What does David do to annoy Natalie the most?
  8. Who kissed a goat at the zoo when we were little?
  9. Who has an obession with Propel?
  10. What is the name of the dog that DAvid and Natalie have?
  11. What band did Natalie worship as a child?
  12. True or false: David claimed at one time to hate all music.
  13. True or false: Natalie used to hate Make up.
  14. So why did you waste your life on this survey?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Natalie and David?